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3d Wall Virtual Sheet

Published on August 12, 2021 um 08:51

Explain your idea in details:

Intro to the 3d wall virtual sheet, which can access through mobile. These sheets are attached to the corners and edges of the wall, you can open it when you want & you can close it also through mobile from the app. Why this? In the future, maybe there will be no time for doing meditation at home & for those who feel stress could be a good option for them, this is the virtual sheet I mean which you can access through mobile & there will be an app for this to operate the sheets. Special features of 3d virtual sheets:- 1) It presents virtual reality throughout the room with music. 2) You can customize the music and nature places themes in-app. 3) Nature places based on your mood. 4) Easy to operate the app. 5) Releasing in 3 generations.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

1) It helps people easy to meditate at home. 2) People's health & well-being. 3) Best option to reduce stress & anxiety. 4) #1 Virtual sheets for walls in the home. 5) Easy to operate with no disadvantages.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

1) Release of its first generation 2022 - Product with only nature themes. 2) Release of its second generation 2023 - Product with nature themes and customizable music 3) Release of its third generation 2024 - Product with all special features. Note:- The years shown above are just for advertising the product but, they will not initially accomplish in the years provided above because it's just now in the conceptual stage.

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conceptual stage

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