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No Poverty World

Published on September 30, 2021 um 08:52

Explain your idea in details:

Main Objective - To reduce Poverty level and improve living condition of under privileged peoples, all across the country. 1) we as a group, will have Aid policy through which we will provide loans to people in lower interest. 2) 20 To 8500 - In this scheme, peoples need to give 20rs each day i.e 600rs in a month, in return after 1 year we will pay them 8500rs (principle amounts-7200), this principle money can be invested else where or provide them with loan. 3)Countries Income Policy - This will be a scheme through which there will be uniform amount of sum, given to all eligible need person of the countries. 4) Employment - The unemployment is a major reason behind this poverty level in the world so I would like to develop employment among the people. 5) Economic growth - We will try to export our Swadeshi product to the outside countries so that money comes and economic grows. 6) Invest in Agriculture - Agriculture is going to increase day by day cause food consumption will increase. So investing in it, will create agriculture industry more sustain and a source for reducing poverty level in the world. 7) Education Improvement - We all know impact of education in our world. Education is thing which changes persons thinking power in a positive manner which will automatically lead to reduction of poverty level. 8) Power or Life - In this growing we are after power, we have forgot importance of life.In this whole process we will learn importance of life in place of power. so these are the major process or steps we will focus and try to improve all across country and world.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Targets - Peoples having annual income below Poverty level i.e (=> 3 lacs) in Indian Rupees. Measure to evaluate success - On the last month (December) of each year we will launch "Impact form". Through this form each and every registered persons will have to share there opinions on our whole year impact on their life,growth rate and poverty level. After evaluation of the forms, results will be displayed publicly. And then we will improve and work on three major questions i.e 1) Whats working ? 2) Whats not working ? 3) What can be improve ?

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This whole plan is of semi-government business model.We, as a organisation will try to jointly work with government of the country which means we will try to get financial support from government. We will collaborate with like minded organisations who has dream to do something for the country. We will also have a part were peoples or change makers can donate money.

Your profile

I am Sandeep Kumar from India. I am 17+ years of age. I belong to underprivileged background, born in middle class family in Bihar India and from there my continues work and dedication lead me here Currently I am Youth researcher on sustainable Development (poverty) at Youth Research Vox (los Angeles). Along with this,I am in the top 13percent candidates in the world in Climate Science Olympiad 2021. I am also among the top 11 candidates across the country who got selected for Bristol University Earth day Undergraduate Scholarship 2021. Sports has been my favourite activity seen my childhood days, this is why I won many events and also represented my state in Nationals.I have many more achievements and will try to do more in coming days of my life. This continues labour and love towards my work give me energy to succeed.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Planning work

Planning work

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October 15, 2021 19:06

Great idea... M very happy that our youth of India has come up with such great ideas to eradicate poverty in our country. No doubt that one day our country will be free from poverty. Should be followed by everyone, good initiative. Lets join together and make it success.


September 30, 2021 19:52

Great concept...The points are very well structured and clear... Would like to see the practice in reality...Keep on doing such great works and bring out more creativity within yourself...Well done.

Satyam Gupta

September 30, 2021 18:12

Great idea....Must be practiced in present day to better our tomorrow. Development in each sector is required as mentioned and also swadesi products to be advertised to public, success towards Made In India and enable many leaders to come out with their ideas to develop our country of self dependent..

S n yadav

September 30, 2021 15:33

Osm idea. Really like to see it in physical world. All the 8 points mention in the summary portion are brilliant. Keep working and improving it so that it get batter day by day. Well done