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Shopify/Shoppers/Goal/SDG12/SDG SLYI

Published on September 20, 2021 um 09:12

Explain your idea in details:

Offline, mobile and online ecological and green one stop centers offering green and ecological influenced shopping, ease of access to green and ecological standards, vend environmental branding and branded products, inscriptions, graffiti, stage green and ecological shows and are equipped with first points of green and ecological educational contact. Product views on online and mobile shopping are comprised of three short digital video packages namely the creative and fiction packages of shows depicting product relations with green and ecological best practices to achieve product loyalty using green and ecological soft selling techniques. The other packages are facts and information shows with objective to achieve understanding of product using green and ecological hard selling techniques. Capping shows combine green and ecological creativity, soft and hard selling techniques to create green and ecological product loyalty and understanding in one show. Product is available for viewing in above three main shows and in their related mini shows. The store traders, merchants and merchant stores are hosted on one stop centers. It offers free subscription and hosting but prior to admission online and mobile traders or stores agree to order placing (shop now) request to viewers of digital short videos of their products or items whereby even offline if order is placed a small amount is deducted and goes to the platform while order is sent to the operating trader, merchant or store. It (platform) also represents one who placed the order ensuring actual and in time deliveries. Online and mobile one stop center hosts for free traders and stores selling products and items and admits subscribers for free who showcase Items or products not for sell. Short digital videos of Items or products not for sell are not necessarily ecological or green and carry no shop now requests.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Hitherto products and items were never focused on their green and ecological notions but inclined to showing their names of manufacturer, name of origin country, negatives, positives, and ingredients. This idea apply improvements on this tradition so that all products and items on its online, mobile and offline one stop centers are inherently focused to show their all-round green and ecological inclinations on top of show of ingredients, strength and weaknesses, expiry and dates of manufacture. The idea is to influence buyers to buy and attach product loyalty basing on product's nature conservation and clean environment fiction and fantasies as a soft selling technique and understanding of product in relation to its nature conservation and clean environment facts and information as a hard selling technique. Sellers should sell and products should be made, stored, transported and bought or consumed under green and ecological influence. Operative word is influence as opposed to watchdog. Producers, sellers and buyer needs and interests plus their items or products are aligned to nature conservation and clean environment. It is methodical alignment of everything green and ecological to production processes, distribution systems, goods produced, selling processes, goods sold, buying processes, consumption and goods bought. No item is prohibited, marked or blacklisted but each and every product must lay bare its green and ecological relations and standing for all to see, thereafter decision is in the hands of those to whom it is beholden. This seeks online, offline and mobile green and ecological based selling, showbiz and standards foothold through one stop centers that sell products, offer ease of access to environmental standards and related practice, vend environmental branded, Inscriptions, graffiti, stage green and ecological shows and dispense first point of green and ecological education contact.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Initial financing is anticipated from grants, investors, and cloud funding courtesy of entrepreneurship campus assistance and exposure. Collaborations are also anticipated if the idea sails through. It is free subscriber model. Commissions deducted on placed orders agreeable online and on mobile with traders, merchants and stores and Popup and paid ads are expected to help the platform break even applying front and back end marketing. The idea startup internal operations if agreeable are of division's namely online division and mobile division together comprising the Slyi Online and Mobile green and ecological one stop centers offering trader, merchant store, and segment of items and product not for sale like offline offer environmental standards ease of access, vends environmental branding, branded products, inscriptions, and graffiti, stage green and ecological shows and dispense first point of green and ecological educational contact. The store sells items and products using green and ecological standpoints. Items and products not for sale showcase using environmental and none environmental standpoints. Ecological and green items or products short videos pay a one-off small amount . Other segregation is the Environmental Standards Division and is cornerstone of the green and ecological one stop centers online, on mobile and offline. Green and ecological one stop centers increase visibility of related practice and secure as opposed to scattering with a centralized offline, online and mobile front in environmental standards, selling and showbiz. The centers add notions like green and ecological fiction, fantasy, romance and fashion shows (green and ecological fashion, catwalk and modeling). Goal is to position ecological and green related practice as a selling, showbiz and standards new frontier. Also suggested is Branded Products division. Branded products or inscription is the major element with sub elements of environmental and none environmental branded products, inscriptions and graffiti.

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Am an adult born 15 May 1976. Born in banana republic where corruption is baby sat and well entrenched and lack of merit in promotion of ideas is very acute. I have fire in my belly urging me to overcome the African structural impediments.To overcome poverty is my inspiration.

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conceptual stage

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