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Livestock farming

Published on September 23, 2021 um 08:58

Explain your idea in details:

Due to the global food insecurity and the demand-supply gap of food, We will breed and fatten high breed/high valued livestock into consumable table size for sell to both farmers, butchers, barbecue vendors, house hold and eateries. We will focus on high breeds and healthy livestock that will yield us huge profit. The livestock include; pigs, goats, cows, sheep and other domestic animals. They will be breed/reared in a healthy and conducive environment, they will be vaccinated against diseases and treated of any illnesses so that sick and unhealthy product will not be sold for consumptions. We will select high prolific stocks that will make a huge returns. Our services will includes; breeding, brooding, fattening and boarding and sale of animal waste as manure to farmers, we will produce hydroponic fodders to help reduce the cost of feeds and malnutrition due to scarcity of feed during the dry season.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It will create job opportunities for the teeming youth of the community and empowered the butchers, Farmers, and barbecue vendors thereby leading to reduction in unemployment rate which is one of the problem in our country, thereby providing decent work and economic growth. Our products will be high valued/quality, healthy for consumption, available/affordable. The products will be produced in commercial quantity to reduce the scarcity and the importation of these products thereby leading to responsible consumption/production and zero hunger. It will as well reduce our dependency on crude oil and importation.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We have been able to secure a suitable location for the operation, we have identify prolific breeds that will produce large number of young ones thereby increases our production within a short time and yield us high profit, we have identify high breeds that have low mortality rate thereby reduces losses, we will produce hydroponic fodder to reduce the cost of feeds, our stocks will be vaccinated and regularly checked by a veterinary doctor, the production will be continual to sustain the business. We will employ able and capable hands to help run the organisation, we will build a reputable relationship with our customers, we will train our employees from time to time to improve their performances, our product will be cheap and affordable base on the quality, we will focus more on customers satisfactions.

Your profile

I was born on 09 April 1992. Am the third born of four children, I was born into a family that love to rear animals. My parent have small poultry, few goats and sheep not in commercial quantity. They rear these animals for our consumption and sells when the need be. I grew the passion for rearing animal growing up in a family that love to rear animals. With my experiences at childhood, research and employment of able and capable hands we would produce livestock in commercial quantity to solve the problem of a well-defined market of over 15 million people. I am always positive an optimistic in everything. Am dedicated in all I do and that motivates me.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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