Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Published on September 30, 2021 um 11:22

Explain your idea in details:

My major motto is to develop an app and establish a wellness center. A psychometric analysis in an app helps me to identify people who are going through suicidal thoughts and other kinds of mental health problems. This helps to interact and access the people between wellness centers. A wellness center is a place where people come and get counseling done by the best psychiatrists and psychologists and to comfort their minds through yoga and meditation and introduction to spirituality in the wellness center. People can spend some quality time to relax and peace out in these jail-grown cities. Here, the basic interaction happens through the app which is specially designed to identify people who are suffering through their mental health problems, and the wellness center which is built-in greenery like forest plays a crucial role.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Our target group is youngsters. At these age groups, they undergo a variety of mental health problems like suicidal attempts, etc. Not everyone can cope with the emotional change or some event might really have a big effect on their emotion. The impact we want from this project is to make young adults have something to help them go through their hard times. Our main SDG's goal is 'Good health and Well being' also coming together with 'Responsible Consumption and Production. Focusing on the group of negative emotions we want to enhance their emotion into a better phase. We want to make our users emotion in the delight and positive section.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business outlined in this plan is an "Mental health well ness center that will offer a variety of different yoga and spritual techniques in order to please its clients. We feel this market is very profitable because it reaches over 3 million people across the american africa and India and brings in over $1 million annually. The memberships will increase every year and a strong market makes a strong business. We are a solid investment because of start-up sports gyms on average take in 1,000 new members per year. This will allow our business to break even in less than five years. Well ness center will offer its members quality services and benefits that no other club or any center can do better to offer. We want to make investments and use them wisely in order to create a greenery forest environment and make changes in food habits and increase to grow mentally pleases customers. In this wellness center, the top five most profitable programs/services are personal training, therapy, organic vegan food, an aquatics program, and sports program. The yoga program will provide the services and thus increasing productivity. Through our knowledge of the vedas and upanishads from India and our willingness to take risks, we will be able to build a single-center into a profitable facility. Livermore, where our facility will be built has a large "20 to 64-year-old" population. This means not only that our clientele pool are large but that these people are experienced and have attained the socioeconomic status that will be needed in order to attain and maintain our service. In conclusion, our profitable new well ness center will e a coordinated effort among three aspiring entrepreneurs to create "the ultimate in spiritual fitness".

Your profile

I am Phanindra, I am born and raised in Hyderabad, I am a young and passionate student pursuing third year in ECE from sphoorthy engineering college, JNTU Hyderabad. I have done my schoolings from Narayana Jr college with 86.5% marks in 12th. Talking about my family, my family consists of four members including me and my younger brother. My father is a businessman and my mother is the queen of my house. My hobbies include hosting Instagram Live sessions in creating awareness on mental health, teaching poverty-stricken kids on low-paid. cooking, and playing badminton. I played at the cluster school and college levels. Coming to my strengths and weaknesses, my strengths are. I am a good learner, innovative, I have a positive attitude, and a problem solver. My weakness is the fear of heights. My ultimate goal is to do work for the Nation which brings a vast change in a society breaking the stereotypes. Right now I am working for Mental health towards youth. I truly believe that life is all about growing diplomacy gaining knowledge getting educated and educated others. Since I love teaching, I started taking tuitions to the children of low and middle-income families. Because Malala yousafzai said one child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. And I truly believe in it. Thats about me, my quote is "Life is all about grabbing the opportunity and giving the right opportunity

Mental Health - it really matters.

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