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Community Cohorts

Published on September 30, 2021 um 11:47

Explain your idea in details:

Community Cohorts is an initiative with a mission to democratize educational framework in the local communities of India and to channelize it to build and empower the underprivileged sections of the society with right set of education, leadership, solution orientation and healthy hygienic practices. The objectivity of the project and to achieve its mission to make local community cohorts more diverse and impart holistic framework of learning for students stands on levels of 3Cs. These 3Cs are derived from the 3 basic steps that we first need to encounter Convince, Converse & Convert. Convincing people to change their perspective of monotonous learning, Conversing with different stakeholders to propose solutions and its need and at last, Converting antiquate educational framework to a better and effective one. Moreover, the idle 4 pillars of Community Cohorts that will led to a foundation imparting and retaining more holistic and diverse development in the overall personality of children stands majorly on Positive Leadership, Health and Hygiene, Sustainable Practices and Global Citizenship. A child who leads positively, maintains his/her health and hygiene such as mental health and menstrual hygiene, excels in sustainable activities and is a global citizen will be a role model for every community who can spread awareness, gain inner peace and self wellbeing, work and communicate effectively and compete globally. Not only this, Community Cohorts also stands on the vision of paradigm shift of education in a nutshell as assimilation of theory and history to chasing future possibilities and to start investing in ourselves to think critically and find potential solutions to build an economical sustainability and find a balance in what we had and what we can have. Also, to expose the young generations who we dream of shaping as the world class future leaders to the various mindsets, cultures & traditions.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The project, Community Cohorts, aims to contribute towards SDG 3 Good Health & Well-Being, SDG 4 Quality Education and SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities. It strives to make a greater impact locally, but direct in community. The whole idea is demonstrated and lies on the purpose and belief that good health and quality education are the core privileges that should not only be a right of children belonging from a financially sound family or the upper classes of society but should be given to every next generation of leaders for the development of any community or country that we dream of. The very local and basic yet important problem is lack of holistic educational framework for children in local communities and villages in India. This project will not only democratize education for them but it will also link them to new opportunities that they are often unaware of. With this, Community Cohorts will lead a positive change in the community and will successfully reflect back its impact by imparting general awareness among children regarding education, health & sustainability, Throttle literacy among children coming from underprivileged section of the society, enhance and rise in standard of living, better cleanliness and hygienic practices and equipping them with new opportunity on a national and global level.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

There are multiple stakeholders that can be involved in the project for their in-kind or legal support. But, major stakeholders remain the one who can back and brace locally and directly. The main objectivity to involve the stakeholders is not to generate revenues or profits but to maintain the system legality and consistency in the whole framework of the project. The project allows and seeks legal and in-kind support from different stakeholders such as parents, village heads, administration, government schools, open libraries, etc. We always believe that we can make a greater difference by just having collaborations who tend to support the initiative in the best possible way they can. Partners such as media houses, radio jockeys, newspapers and others are always open to sign up to spread the word in the whole community and so that a large number of audience can seek the opportunity and get aware about it. However, the project is designed for the students in the local community who will be the leaders of next generations so we will allow this project to have more impact by spreading it locally via word of mouth or support chain system.

Your profile

Ankit Aakash is a 20-yr-old young professional and sustainability leader who has been advocating the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is keenly focused towards bringing educational, healthcare and social change that contributes in building an equitable society in the world through serving local communities. Aakash's dedication to bring social change is mobilized and led enthusiastically by renowned national and international organizations to work on his globally recognized and awarded project Community Cohorts. As a young and dedicated advocate of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals & Human Rights with a professional experience and global perspective, I look forward to be a part of the competition not only because of its global reputation but also because of the values and vision it stand for. This once in a lifetime opportunity will give me an opportunity to witness and learn from world class leaders, mentors, professionals and like-minded fellows, and share my own experiences of working with some of the most isolated and vulnerable communities of India. As one of the 500 young candidates selected from all over the world at the United People Global Sustainability Leadership, Aakash underwent a rigorous 9 week training program which prepared him to be an ambassador for a more sustainable world and got officially certified as UPG Sustainability Leader 2021. Moreover, he has also been selected in a delegation of 60 leaders worldwide invited to the Hurricane Island for Science and Leadership on a fully-funded week-long immersive experience and training on Sustainability & Leadership in the USA. Born and raised in one of the least developed states of India, Aakash comes from a humble family and has personally witnessed the hardships that he now fights against.

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