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Plasco brick

Published on September 21, 2021 um 19:19

Explain your idea in details:

Plasco bricks are solid, light weight, plastic pavement bricks, the motivation behind this initiative is as a result of the massive degradation marine and terrestrial ecosystem through pollution from plastic waste resulting in the lost of marine diversity, drainages blockages within cities,soil pollution amongst others, born out of a deep desire to see a change in the environment by turning challenges into opportunities, we decided to transform plastics waste into pavement bricks; To build value for waste, curb marine and terrestrial pollution through plastic littering, foster the circular economy while providing employment opportunities, not forgetting our targeted SDG 13,14 and 15. We operate by means of sensitization and partnership with local communities wherein we set up collection points for this plastics waste, and we are looking forward to getting paid collectors who will our exchange agents in the field whereby people will earn from the plastics they pickup. After the collection process the plastics are sorted shredded and melted after which mixed with sand to produce durable pavement tiles. For now have haven't started a mass production because we are at the planning phase and we are still seeking funds to get the right machinery for Mass production but never the less we produce locally and occasionally we do go campaigns where we train persons particularly women on recycling.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The expected impact of this project include; Diversion of plastic waste from seas and landfills, through value creation, where people get to earn a living just for pickup plastics, this value transected for plastics will prevent littering as many will rather save it to be sold so they earn a living. Hence prevent pollution both for our seas and lands as this plastics will be recycled thereby fostering SDG 14 and 15. It also has an impact on SDG 12 ,that's persons become more responsible in the way they consume get rid of plastic. Women are always at the frontier of this initiative because they constitute the majority of collectors and plastic waste pickers who will earn a living and form part of the waste value chain hence fostering gender equality.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

This project operate using the waste value chain principle that's we establish collection points for plastics waste through partnership with municipal and local authorities. Also buy plastic waste from local pickers most of which are women and children. The plastic is the collected, sorted, shredded and recycling with sand to produce pavement. This production is strictly on demand. And we are expecting a rise in demand as this pavement are cheaper, more durable and light weight hence a preferred choice to the traditional pavement tiles made from cement. Our primary sources of finance include; Personal savings Grants Pitching competition Loans. In the future we are looking forward to collaborating with schools both primary and secondary School for a project "plastic pay" whereby students and pupil get to pay their tuition fees through the use of plastics. That's they bring plastics to school in form of points that's equivalent to specific amount of money, they are expected to bring plastics that's meets up points equivalent to their tuition fees and we on the other hand collect the plastic waste and pay their tuition fees, this is aimed at raising young environmental actors.

Your profile

Am 22years, am a graduate from the University of BUEA Cameroon with a BSc in Geography. Am from the Southwest region of Cameroon,Manyu subdivision, I come from a family of 5, and am the first child. Growing up hasn't been an easy journey for me especially been raised by my mom alone not knowing my father it was a big challenge to me as at my early age back then in my primary school I hucked chinchin to help my mum see me through school and also put food on out table. This has been my life still my University school education where I pratically saw myself through school doing local jobs likes construction and others to see myself through school. Coming from a slum community like mine many young people like me see life differently hence do terrible things just to make a living. But I decided not to follow the crowd but to start we what I have and think innovatively and come up with an idea that can change my life and family. Against this background I started a small group called Greensphere with the vision of graduating it into an environmental Enterprise that leverages on waste recovery solutions in the energy and construction sectors. And plasco bricks is one of our products. In March 2021, we won a recycling hero challenge where won $500 as the award and we have successfully invested it in our vision still date. Again we have volunteered under the innovative volunteerism program under Dr Richard Muang.

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