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Street Education (STRETEDU)

Published on September 29, 2021 um 15:48

Explain your idea in details:

Stretedu's main objective is to support and help as many children as possible to be educated. To influence and encourage African parents on the importance of education for their child especially the girl-child. Stretedu's would conduct street campaigns through which we will engage the children hawking on the street, share with them the importance of education and how we can support and assist. In the same vein, we would go with these children to their respective homes to have a more insightful discussion with their parents. While doing this, wed ensure we are able to convince 9 of out every 10 child parents we talked to if not all. However, our aim is to ensure we convince as much as possible. The girl-child who may not be hawking or on the street for anything but being restricted at home or to learn a skill without being given the opportunity to have a formal education, is also a major concern for us. One of the intended approaches is to take teaching to the street. What we intend to achieve with this is teaching and coaching children while on the street. There are people who would still not want to allow their children to go to school for different reasons. Our approach is to create a class for these sets of people in the community and teach them basic education, while we still focus on sharing the importance of education with their parents. Also, the progress we achieve by teaching the child will be used to convince the parents and/or guardians. Also, with enough funding, Stretedu would create a digital education system, where we have our own online studies for these children.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

STRETEDU's goal on the sustainable development goal is providing quality education (SDG 4) to children who are out of school, children whose parents could not afford education for, children who hawk, children who are not given the opportunity to education etc. and to promote and support gender equality (SDG 5) in Nigeria and in Africa. While STRETEDU aims at supporting all genders of children, the major focus is on the girl-child. The girl-child has been ridiculed in many instances in Nigeria (and Africa) today, with lack of or no support from parents, families, and guardians. According to UIS (UNESCO Institute of Statistics) data, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest number of children who are out of school of which Nigeria recorded the highest. An estimated 10,193,918 children are currently out of school in Nigeria. STRETEDU's goal is to keep as many of these children in school as possible. STRETEDU will organize a frequent street and community campaign, engage children and parents, and organize after school activities for children who are in school. Most academic and nonacademic staff of STRETEDU will be female. This will intrigue the children who are out of school and enhance the parents decision on the importance of education for the girl-child. STRETEDU will give access to basic education either in school or on the street to the girl-child. Our approach will reduce the number of children who are currently out of school in Nigeria. Stretedu's focus on the girl-child is to increase the number of female children in school and give them the chance and opportunity to make their choices without being influenced. Having many of the girl-children in school will create a balance in our community and enhance gender equality. There will be a follow up on any children put into school by STRETEDU.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

STRETEDU's aim is not to make profit but to give the girl-child access to education, to make meaningful life choices and to increase gender equality in Nigeria and Africa. STRETEDU's strategic plan is describe in the format below; STRETEDU -> Girl-child, Children out of school and children hawking = Access to education + Choice and increase gender equality STRETEDU -> Parents and guardians = provide financial assistance and food What the above means is;1. We would take as many girl-children off the street as possible and give them access to education. This includes children who are out of school due to family financial constraints, parents' illiteracy, community educational blackout etc. 2. For children whose parents do not have financial capacity, financial support would be given to them which include food where possible. With this, the parents would have more reason to allow their children to go to school. Stretedu does not have a source of funds for now. However, the aim is to source for funds from personal savings, participating members, family and friends and most especially grants from private and public organizations. We intend to collaborate with different sectors in order for STETEDU to achieve its core aim of establishment.

Your profile

I am Adebayo Samuel from Nigeria. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. The spoon is so far from me. I'm still running to get it. Through my perseverance, I was able to get a job in a financial institution. In Nigeria the gap between the rich and the poor is huge. My country is not the type where the government does a lot to help and support the poor. Several times have thought of having a supernatural power to elevate and assist the poor. Each time I see children hawking on the street, Out of school or not given privilege and opportunity to basic education, I am always disturbed that this still happens in today's world. I hawk during my childhood days to support my parents. This experience has taught me nothing but to do as much as I can to assist as many children as possible out of the street. My case is a bit different because I was enrolled in school. There are some children who are not enrolled in school during my time, they hawk from morning to evening. Today, there are children who hawk without basic education.

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October 19, 2021 07:48

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.

Titilope Grace

October 18, 2021 12:57

One thing is certain, if basic education could go round, we would have less street worries.
These people on the street need to know that they are valuable before they can even build their own values..
How better way to teach this than to educate them.
This is a fantastic idea that can eradicate poverty and criminal activities if it is effectively worked upon..

Emmanuel Foresythe

October 7, 2021 11:15

This is what we need, too much on the street to fix, street edu can do a lot from it, we really don\'t need to wait for the government, if we have a means to fix things like this one, we should, I know it\'s not a simple assignment, but I believe strongly in this idea. Nice one Mr Sam

Olayemi Olasekan

October 1, 2021 22:33

Wow, this is a super brilliant idea! As we all know that education is the bedrock of any development, you must at least be able to read and write which is the basis of education. By having this basic knowledge, we will be able to know our rights and also how to defend them. Alot of girl child has been constrained and deprived from having a formal education but with the motives of STRETEDU, I believe every child will be educated no matter how little it is.


October 1, 2021 15:15

A very brilliant idea! We need more people like Samuel who are passionate about the future of Nigerian children because these children are in actual sense the future of Nigeria. I am in total support and excitedly awaiting the implementation of this bright concept.