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MAC stops

Published on September 27, 2021 um 08:55

Explain your idea in details:

The main objective of MAC stops is to help people who are new to the Dar-es-salaam public transport. since public transport is the cheapest way to travel( 400 Tz shillings($0.17 )per adult and 200 Tz shillings($0.086)or students) an app that would be able to tell a person their stop would be useful to both the user and the economy in general. before the app is launched multiple advertises of the app will be posted to inform people before the app is and when it will be launched to ensure people are well informed before they start using it.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

MAC stops targets both foreigners and citizens who are new to public transport . Since traveling with public transport is on eof the cheapest ways of transport many people opt to use the public bus to save money. This app is made to benefit both tourism industry( tourist get the real taste of normal Dar-es-salaam life) and citizens alike.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The app will ask the user to state whether he/she is a foreigner or a citizen wich wil help us determine how to convey the locations and the location and availability of the nearest vacant bus for their chosen will also come in different languages, to fit all types of people,but the names of the stops will not change and if the user would like to know how to pronounce it there is a listen option they can click on.tere will also be a more information option incase a user doesnt understand.

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I am thirteen years old .I am a Grade 10 student at Academic International School. i won third place in creative writing(in secondary) and a good leader award (in primary),i also won second place in #codelikeaGirl. i wrote one book and is in the process of writing others.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Mac stops Logo

Mac stops Logo

Mac stops Logo

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October 22, 2021 20:06

Always remember, you have the strength, patience and passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Your idea is great.
There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Jasper isei

September 30, 2021 08:55


Caren binafsi nimefurahishwa sana na jinsi ambavyo una upeo mkubwa sana wa kufikiri at this age 13. Big up to the parents to make you free to use internate in a very positive way. Nest time nitaomba ukipata vitu kama hivi usiache kujaribu ninaona kipaji chako ni kikubwa sana hasa linapokuja suala la kufikilia wengine. Hii ni neema sana kwa mtoto kama wewe. its a blessing in deed. Nawaza tu kama tungepata nafasi kama watanzania wote tukasimama na mabango ya kupiga kura nyingi kama hizi ambazo zitaleta maendeleo katika Taifa letu la Tanzania. Asante na nitawatumia wengine ili upate ushindi mkubwa sana. Kila la Kheli rafiki.


September 29, 2021 12:10

The sky is the limits my Queen. I pray that God will bless you and your idea will be the best of all. Isaya 41: 10:13 nikutie Moyo, Kama ni njia ya Mungu kila kitu kitakuwa salama. Keep the spirit up Daughter, mama knows you can do better than that. Its the matter of time. We thank our Almighty God for this step. Looking forward to see you winning the competition. I Love you.


September 29, 2021 09:40

It's a very good idea and i really like it..keep it up, the world needs young people like you. This will be a helpful idea to people who do not know different places well.

Jasper isei

September 28, 2021 19:41

Tunahitaji vijana kama hawa kwenye nchi yetu ili kumotivate vijana wengine wadogo wanaokua na wasiweze kuficha talanta zao good girl keep it up umefungua njia kwa vijana wengi hope you will be their role model

Collins kisanga

September 28, 2021 17:43

Its a very nice idea this will be a good aid to people new to an area ... this might be a good tool for people who do not know how to use Google map . If u can also put details on the fare from one stop to another to help people to calculate the total amount one can use to reach his or her destination.

Life Caring

September 28, 2021 17:23

Wow Such a wonderful & beautiful idea ,
this will be a real hit , big up Caren Machumi, all the best with your project
This is a start of a great journey
We will support you , we hope you win .
May almighty God be with you.


September 28, 2021 17:21

Caren amejitahidi sana hii itasaidia hata watalii maana mara nyingi wanateseka sana kujua wapi wanaelekea na wengi huwa na changamoto ya lugha. Caren please make sure you add even more language so that even those with difficulties in English can still use the app. Big up girl. Tanzania Oyeee. PLEASE bunge na mh. raisi Samia Muone huyu binti ana positive idea. pamoja na kwamba wengi lugha itatuangusha katika kupiga kura na kumuelewa but we can try our best to let her make it.


September 28, 2021 16:31

Caren has done a lot to think about the idea. this idea is great and big for her age. Let her win and make this happen to the City which has a lot of bus stops. Thanks you very much for the competition to this future generation.