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Published on September 28, 2021 um 17:15

Explain your idea in details:

Everyone wants a better education system, made for knowledge workers in the 21st century, not the one made for producing factory workers in the 19th century. Edumax does just that. Here is our plan which uses a three-pronged approach with education. In academics, most of the problems are results of issues like having a poor teacher, or a poor methodology of teaching which makes learning a chore , or a one-size-fits-all approach, among others. Edumax will revamp the learning experience by personalizing education and making it fun and interesting by using positive psychology concepts such as the flow state or the PERMA well being model.A student would be able to choose whether he does self-studying, or studies with friends or attends, based on what works best for him/her. But academics are only a slice of the pie, and for the most part is the only slice taught in schools,other than extracurriculars, most of which are worthless in real life. In the hard skills segment, we plan to let students learn whatever they want to online, with a condition of having to produce something of real-world value by whatever they learn. This can mean anything - if a child loves writing, he could write articles or stories, for instance. In the third segment, soft skills, well teach skills whichll give students an edge over the crowd and craft a better personality. Soft skills would play the most critical role in the childs development and make him/her fit for the 21st century. The curriculum would include practical skills like communication and leadership, taught by combining them into the hard skill projects that the student does, and skills like understanding human psychology and personal finance and ethics, would be taught by the classroom method, coupled with excellent teachers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Expected Impact The education we all wanted but never had. If this system is implemented, you will see children looking forward to going to school, not trying to escape it. You will meet children who dont play video games but make video games for entertainment. You will meet confident, wise, and mature kids. When kids are this smart, the number of inventors and entrepreneurs would increase drastically. This would create the ideal condition for capitalism, and cause decent economic growth and a high standard of living. Also, they will have the ability to think for themselves and not just following societal norms. This will result in a more equal society.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Implementation: Different societies will have different responses to the introduction of an entirely new education system. The implementation would depend on the kind of society we are in. For the most part, though, we plan to open our first branch in a highly populated city, because the number of parents who would be willing to send in their children would be higher. Sustainability: The school will be operated like any other private school, except that in case the education cannot be afforded by a family, the fees could be charged later in the life of the student, as and when he starts earning after graduating from our school. For parents who can afford the education, the normal model of fees would be followed.

Your profile

We are a team of two high schools students and cousins(Nikunj and Gagan Mundhra), who love entrepreneurship and business. Being students and looking at the world of business and entrepreneurship gave us a perspective we would not have gathered otherwise. In the real world, you need to be a person who has unique skills, who knows what he is doing, and who can think and act for himself. In the real world, you need to know how money works, you need to know about yourself and be able to communicate well and effectively with people around you. Surprisingly this is never taught in the school. So we decided to put together a system that works.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage, idea offered for implementation by others

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Thankyou for the appreciation.
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September 29, 2021 20:17

Hi Guys!

I absolutely love the idea, and would really love to connect with you.

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