Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Solstar Technologies

Published on September 29, 2021 um 19:26

Explain your idea in details:

Nothing is more frustrating than having a flat battery on your phone with no means of charging it. Admittedly, there are power banks but even these need to be charged, they can also be bulky and we forget to take them along sometimes. Imagine a situation whereby you don't have to worry about a low battery anymore because your bag is your power bank and it charges with solar energy. Solstar is that solution. Our main objective at Solstar is to provide alternative eco-friendly energy with solar-powered bags, so you can be sure to have enough power to juice up your devices as the bags charge anytime you're out and on the move. Solstar bags are also focused on children who have to walk to school most of the time. Our school bags are equipped with solar-powered torchlights for students to have more reading time at night given the poor power supply in most African countries. The schoolbags are also lined with material which contains micro globules of glass to catch beams of light to glow at night, thereby making the kids more visible at night and help prevent cars from running into them. Because Africans are highly fashionable, and most of the fashion materials are imported - Solstar aims to buy into the heart of Africa's fashion industry with locally manufactured, trendy bags that doubles as a power solution thereby reducing the need for the importation of these items.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Solstar expects to make an impact on sustainable development with the following targets: In 5 years, we have a target of producing and selling at least 10,000 varieties of solar bags. We also have a target of creating a renewable energy craft program to educate both skilled and unskilled individuals on our processes of utilizing renewable energy in day to day life and hire the best students. I strongly believe these would make an impact on sustainable development. I also envision Solstar as a household name in innovative fashion trends, representing Africa in worldwide fashion shows and technology exhibitions. We will continue to use technology and innovation to solve problems in the day-to-day life of an average African.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Solstar's plans for implementation and sustainability Our business model: Manufacturing of Solar-powered school bags with in-built Torchlights and reflective material. - Solar-powered backpacks with in-built power banks. - Solar-powered handbags, purses, and male cross bags with in-built power banks. - Solar-powered laptop bags. Market analysis: According to DataReportal, there are 187.9 million mobile or SIM connections in Nigeria as of January 2021 and this number keeps on rising. The number of smartphone users in the country is forecasted to grow to more than 140 million by 2025 ( This data shows a strong growth outlook for the Nigerian smartphone market. However, a majority of these millions of users are plagued with the issue of inadequate power supply to charge their devices. Nigeria's average electricity consumption per inhabitant is only 150 kWh per capita, one of the lowest in the world ( This translates to an average of 6.8 hours of electricity per day (National Bureau of Statistics). The market offers great opportunities for the use of alternative means of powering mobile devices due to the inadequate and unreliable power supply in the country. Financial Projections: Using our Solar Powered Male cross bag for illustration - It costs an average NGN18,000 ($45) to make a Solar Powered Male cross bag (10,000MAh) and this could be sold for NGN25,000 ($63) to NGN30,000 ($75). This gives us a profit margin of NGN12,000 ($30). If we sell 10,000 bags in a year, we're looking at a profit of NGN120,000,000 ($300,000). Marketing and sales Solstar's Marketing Strategies: Digital Marketing/e-Commerce: Our website that will provide a platform for potential customers to order our wide range of bags, review our bag-making processes, answer their questions and reach out to potential customers via social media and email marketing. Event & Marketplace Marketing We aim to infiltrate the market by taking our products directly to the markets and customers through advertising campaigns on the marketplace and schools.

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My name is Emmanuel Ezeji from Anambra State, Nigeria. I was born on 9th July, 1998. I attended All Hallows Seminary Onitsha, Anambra from 2008 to 2016 and got my B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Oduduwa University, Ife in 2021. From a tender age, I've always been fascinated by technology and by the time I turned 10, I wrote my first code in QBasic and published an award winning book by the age of 15. The book "A Silver Bullet" went on to be turned into a series of futuristic tech infused series with awards from Inkitt and recognition by ByteDance (TikTok's parent company). I have also participated in MasterCard Foundation's Creative Business Cup and got my certificate in 2021. I'm a forward thinker that believes in using innovation and creativity to make life easier on our planet.

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October 4, 2021 11:38

I love this idea. It encompasses the needs of renewable energy and provides a solution for our kids safety. I look forward to this idea being selected as the winner because of it\'s innovative and realistic approach. You have my vote!!!

Cee Samuel

October 3, 2021 21:03

This is the most innovative and sustainable business idea I've seen on here so far. I initially wanted to vote for a friend but after going through this idea, I feel this is more practical and would be useful to people.

Nwankwo Evangeline chikaodinaka

October 3, 2021 18:51

Oh that's great, this is really going to take the whole world to a new phase, I strongly believe that More of this is coming from the source, the world is about to be liberated from the hell of poor communication as one would not be afraid of flat battery again, remember effective communication enhances effective living.

Ush Collection Enterprise

October 3, 2021 17:03

The best of it's kind.The first indigenous solar bag in Africa. I know there are more from where this is coming from, he is highly brilliant and highly creative.

Sabina Kenechi

October 2, 2021 11:39

Very impressive!
I am highly impressed with your sense of reasoning especially when it comes to technologies
I have always know you would make it big because you are very intelligent and smart.
Keep pushing it harder OK.
Your hustle will surely pay you back big time.
I love your inspiration and confidence.


October 1, 2021 22:05

This is a great idea considering how the degrading electricity is in Nigeria and how phones and other smart devices can be stolen while trying to charge it at places other than your personal space.

The world is revolving and been online is the only way to keep track of latest inventions.

Solstar Technologies is the solution.


October 1, 2021 21:05

This comes with your wealth of invaluable experience. Well done!! A great judgement about which creative ideas and suggestions will work in the future and which will not should do too.

AdaObi Uyaemenam

September 30, 2021 08:49

His good at what he does
I would like him to put more effort because his brilliant, intelligent and has focus.
Solstar Technologies has all it takes to be the winner