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Holistic Education

Published on September 30, 2021 um 14:28

Explain your idea in details:

The idea can be divided into three main sections. First is practical exposure to students about the various fields in society. The main objectives of this are to create awareness and respect among students about all the stakeholders in society and to give them exposure to discover the processes in various fields. The best way to do this is to get professionals to indulge with students and give them a 'day in the life of ...' experience. This will also give students an opportunity to explore society and find their passion. The second is teaching finance to students. Professionals who have attained financial freedom will design a practical method of learning this through actual money handling. Learning this can make them wise and judicial users of money and pave their paths toward financial freedom. It can also provide them with the liberty to follow their passion and increase their independence. The third is introducing spirituality and self-awareness at a young age so that students have a strong value base. It will involve partnering with spiritual organisations and practically applying the values and techniques in daily life. This will build their character and help them in every step of life. A combination of these three aspects along with practical learning in schools will make students aware of the society, have the values and the financial independence and knowledge to take the right steps. It will give space for each child to grow and will also spark a passion to best serve their profession, community and country.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Education as a goal in sustainable development aims that everyone should get the right education since childhood. This idea will increase the involvement of professionals in the education system, thus linking it with major stakeholders. It will lead to more awareness about education and also create more individuals who care and respect the profession. It will also build local role models who will be examples of encouragement for everyone about the importance of education. The ecosystem built in this idea will be practical and thus has no limitations of the classroom. Industries indulging in CSR activities will also be involved making plenty of the activities free or of low charge for students. It can increase the reach of the programme while also involving children who are not enrolled in schools. The impact of this will be seen when learning becomes a lifelong activity and contributing or giving back to education becomes a part of everyone's life. Teachers, who today are not as respected as before, will regain that respect from students. The many tragic events related to suicides or unhappy employees will go down as people will have strong values, financial systems and will be doing what they love. The system will be nourishing itself as there will be constant and sustainable growth in all sectors.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The idea will be implemented as an addition to schools but will also involve children who don't have access to schools but will be involved in practical activities. Professionals from various fields will collaborate and create models of practical, real-world situations in their fields. Students will indulge in different fields every month; each month they will get an in-depth experience and learning something related to a particular field or profession. This will happen as an addition to regular school activities but will take place outside the classroom, at the actual workplaces. Experts in finance will create a model where students will start with a small amount of money and learn how to apply their education to grow that money and use it wisely. Moving from personal finance and investments they will move toward the finances of an organisation and the economy. This will be an added subject stretching the entire academic year. Along with this, a specific time will also be allotted for inculcating mindfulness by collaborating with spiritual experts. The effort will be to find professionals who are ready to contribute as a part of their CSR or volunteer so as to provide their expertise for nominal charges. Apart from this, the system can also take the form of fellowships where students' experience and work in various fields can be considered in place of fees.

Your profile

I am currently in my last year of undergraduate study. I am twenty years old and I am focussing on getting more experience and education in the field of my interest. Inspired to make a difference in the world, I aspire to be an author and entrepreneur. My early years of schooling were in Germany where I experienced studying in an IB profile school. We were also encouraged to read and write stories. With books as my companions, shifting countries and schools became much easier. This motivates me to write stories that can become companions to, entertain and educate others. After shifting to India, I got to contrast that education with the Indian education system and experienced the pros and cons of both. In 11th grade, despite performing well in the science stream, I shifted to humanities after a short duration with huge support from my parents. I realised my inclination towards writing and decided to chase my dream despite the uncertainty and risk involved. This enlightened me to the importance of following ones dreams and the immense contribution a strong personal finance system can have. I want to help others gain financial knowledge so they too can follow their passion. I also took up rifle shooting and have played at the national level. Sports taught me a great deal about my own mind and body. It streamlined my life and made me more disciplined. I was amused at how strongly sport and self-awareness are connected. The lockdown gave me plenty of time and space to learn about myself. Im currently working on creating a process and plan for myself and improving my time management, discipline and pro-activeness.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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