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Published on June 1, 2021 um 08:59

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Planet and People (2P), is a youth led Initiative, duly registered as required by the laws of Kenya and came into operation in 7th May 2020 with headquarter office located in Mtwapa, Kilifi County. The founding members are business minded, scholars, and implementers of environmentally sound, community-based inventions and innovations, from diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds ranging from business management, aquatic sciences, agricultural economics and engineering, environmental health, community health and development to information technology. The members take pride in providing solutions aimed at achieving sustainable development goals (SDG) and the Kenyan VISION 2030 by investing in the capacities of the youth, and the community through knowledge transfer, empowerment and technology improvement and integration. The main objective is to foster well-being improvement of the social and environmental aspects through economic empowerment. We are envisioned to be an exemplary youth led initiative aspiring to achieve sustenance in the social, economic and environmental aspects revolving around its well-being. We provide key support on marine and fresh water aquaculture, beekeeping and organic farming along the Kenyan coast. We invest in community-based training, extension services and act as a market link to the supported groups and individuals. The products are sold on farm, value-added and branded for sale. The initiative invests largely in sustainable livelihoods, climate change, environmental conservation, governance, community health and development and research programmes. These programmes are the key drivers in bringing and achieving the desired change and output in the working environment. Ethical values including professionalism, integrity, equity, inclusivity, environmental sensitivity and uphold of humanity are key in the implementation of the programmes.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Planet and People has initiated implementation and work with 3-mariculture community groups each containing not less than 5 marine ponds, Over 15 individuals and youth has invested in fresh water aquaculture. We are working with 10 community groups dealing with the beekeeping; provided extension services and market link to the honey products. The costal line in general is endowed with a lucrative natural resource including Water, the rich mangrove forests and the remaining forest parch such as Arabuko Sokoke forest. The communities leaving around these resources have recently risen to use this as a resource in various ways such a beekeeping that is considered as a non-extractive use as well as mariculture. Planet and People is aiming to promote a competitive and sustainable agriculture industry by the expansion of the agripreneur through capacity building in aquaculture, organic farming, beekeeping and honey production technologies and quality control, with an aim of promoting sustainable use of these resources in support of climate change mitigation, while taping the potential natural capital stocks in these systems and improve livelihoods. The initiative is tailored towards increasing economic empowerment, creating employment through training and technically supporting more farmers to provide self-employment avenue, income generation, food security and reducing the poverty rate that currently stands at 68%. The success of the project is coiled in increased agripreneurs, the quantity of production and sales volumes; explored and reliable market for agricultural products; increased alliances and collaboration with farmers to empower them; established and sustainable equipped agricultural infrastructure and technology in future for mass production; established modern infrastructure as a centre of quality control.

Sustainability and future plans

The business carries a vision to support the community economy while making profit for its business. It is composed of Six vision-oriented youths. We are dedicated to conduct economic empowerment activities with communities in our operations. As a business, we aspire to be the light and the driving force to spearhead the current generation with nature-based resources to solve community problems and offer alternative livelihoods. From the members' contribution, Planet and People obtained produce from the farmers, value-add and branded for sale. This provides an opportunity for the initiative to recruit more people to carry out production processes. The aim of the initiative is to reduce youth and less privileged young women's unemployment and underemployment that stands at 40% in the county for gender equity and as well as social and economic equality in the region. The desired outcomes and future growth includes; Build capacities of communities in the diverse spectrum of organic agriculture technologies and methods as an alternative livelihood. Diversification of sources of livelihoods for our constituents to increase household incomes and reduce poverty levels among communities along the Kenyan Coast. Provision of extension services to the farmers to increase production and quality level, and add value on the products to attract more earnings Put the product on the global map for market (Exploring the available markets). To increase our alliances and collaboration with community farmers to support them and serve as a market linkage for their product. Increase the production of Planet and People organic products, whose sales would have economically empowered the communities, contributing to the conservation of mangrove forest and tropical forests.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Planet and People is initiative driven by 6 business-minded youth all being below 29 years. The initiative has dealt with value addition of agricultural products as well as providing onsite market to those farmers mentored by the project.. Planet and people is a unique business-oriented project that seeks to create a resilient community by focusing on best environmental friendly business practices that benefits the society. The planet and people has got experience and aim to service markets that accepts both fresh and value added agricultural products both to the local community, institutions and internationally. The market is an opportunity for the project to produce high quality product at affordable prices than the competitors who only focus on profit making. We employ all the scientific results and technology at our disposal to enhance customer satisfaction in our products. As a startup we invest in doing business with investors, suppliers, partners and non-governmental organizations and the government to facilitate maximum output.

Aquaculture farm supported by Planet and People initiative

Enlightening the UN 2020 OCEAN CONFERENCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE on the role of aquaculture and marine livelihood alternatives potential towards BLUE ECONOMY.

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October 4, 2021 20:45

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Your project is amazing!

September 15, 2021 18:54

Hello! I am Aya from Morocco. This is a great initiative, keep it up! I really loved your project and I hope you can achieve your goal.
All the best of luck. Keep the hard work!