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Published on September 17, 2021 um 11:44

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Damage associated with aging can cause diseases, such as dementias, Parkinsons, and more. These are aging-related diseases, which can impact anyone. For example, women will get Alzheimers, and 1 in 10 men will as well. These account for of total deaths globally, and one of the major conclusions in aging research is that these are mainly due to lifestyle, and genetics, core parts of aging. Lifestyle is the most inherently changeable one, but very few people are changing it. We want to solve this. One of the major discoveries in aging is that people age at different rates. This is caused by genetic factors, and lifestyles. Since aging affects your proteome, these different rates cause people to have different levels of various proteins. These levels can be quantified with assays, and can lead to different conclusions about your aging rate, risk for aging-related diseases, and recommendations to slow your aging rate and reduce your risk for these diseases. This is measurable from many tissues, but weve chosen saliva to look at. Were measuring a unique combination of proteins to figure out your biological age, which we are currently validating in a lab. Currently, there are some tests to find your biological age, but these are $500 and dont give recommendations. Due to the type of protein assay were using, lateral flow assays, our test will be low-cost, coming in at approximately 30 dollars USD. This leads to people being able to affordably do these tests routinely, and to track their aging progress and progress with their recommendations. Our budget for prototyping, testing, and initial production is around 100K USD (we've raised 60K so far from the 1517 Fund and Emergent Ventures), and from there tests will cost 2-3 dollars a test to produce.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

We are tackling sustainable development goal number 3, good health and well being. Through our test, we aim to make knowing more about one's health much more accessible, and make it much easier to prevent aging-related diseases. As a result, we will have a healthier population and one that will have more time to live well out of their normal life, rather than being afflicted by different diseases. We will evaluate success through the users' experience with our recommendations, and through the trajectory of their biological age as a result. Additionally, our goal is to produce our tests sustainably, so we are choosing materials that are more sustainable and better for the environment to produce very low carbon emissions, as a result of SDG 13.

Sustainability and future plans

We are using a B2C business model, where we will be selling our tests through our website directly to consumers. Additionally, we aim to sell our tests through third party businesses in the same field that we are talking to currently, of which most are in the UK. Right now, we're looking for funding to continue prototyping, testing, and manufacturing, which will take around 3-4 months. Once we manufacture and launch, we want to keep our reach small at first, only with the partnering companies and on our website. However, we aim to grow from there to other partnering companies and retailers.

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My name is Nina Khera and I'm 15 years old. I'm really interested in aging-related diseases and aging due to personal experience of watching relatives go through them. It's an incredibly painful experience, and my goal is to do something about it and prevent it for other families. In the past, I've worked with the Gladyshev (we recently published a paper: and Adams labs on data science and aging-related projects, and I've worked with Alio Medical, Lygenesis, and Rubedo Life Science on data science and biotech-related projects. I'm a very motivated and excited person, and I'm also very persistent - so I think that's helped me get these various opportunities and when I didn't understand something technical, kept on persisting until I understood everything. I'm also very entreprising/I have a lot of ideas, so that's why I started this - I have an idea that I really want to execute, and that trait helps me come up with more ways to improve this idea.

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October 20, 2021 19:26

I really admire your project for its goal. I believe that aging-related diseases can impact anyone enormously, so that we should really find an effective steps to find it. Hope that you'll succeed!

October 4, 2021 20:43

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Your project is amazing!