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Personalized Gift Creations /Ideas

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:03

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To provide a unique personalized gifts service

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

I have acquired customers based on referrals form satisfied customers who are continuing to refer my services.

Sustainability and future plans

Key Partners Supplier for raw material Provider of Heat press machine Marketing partners e.g. Supermarkets, Community, British Petroleum (Brighter Propsect), Red Cross Cross-Selling Partners Key Activities Desktop publishing Personalized gift production (e.g. Passport photo printing, T-shirt printing) Marketing via social-media, flyers, conflict women, community group Key Resources Heat press machine Raw material for printing Computer Human Resources Regular printers + copy machines Key Resources Heat press machine Raw material for printing Computer Human Resources Regular printers + copy machines Customer Relationship Visit, cold calls Social media-FB, IG, Twitter, WhatsApp Cross-Selling Flyers Word of mouth Conflict Women -Network Customer Segments First Step, focusing on customers in my community: Companies Gyms Bar owners Schools Beauty salons Funeral Homes Individuals Couples Channels Order via email, phone, in person Pick-up by customer Postal shipping Delivery service for large orders Cost Structure Raw material for heat printing and regular printing Printing machine Labor Shipping costs Advertising Revenue Streams Sales of products (gifts) Sales of printing service, such as photocopying, typing, printing

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 46 years of age and have always have the dream of producing quality personalized gift for others. My inspiration and motivation comes from my children and the two most recent amazing duo that are my mentors. Through conflict women ltd I have had the honor of having an amazing mentor and the CEO/Founder of Conflict women pushing me to do my best and to make my business a success. I was a competitor in the Conflict Women Survival Pitch Competition where I presented my business plan to four very distinguished judges one of whom was Ms. Harriet Cross the High Commissioner to Trinidad from he UK, Mr. Dragan Radovich from Germany, Ms. Jacqueline Francoise from Oscar François Ltd Trinidad and Ms Gillian Wall from the US.

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