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Kenlis Office Link

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:03

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registered company

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April 22, 2008

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Our main objectives is to make sure Nigerian and non indigenous people in Nigeria are traveling out and in successfully, without any complain that is very crucial for their future. Hence, we stand a chance to touch people lives positively in tours, and our approach is low price and very efficient and high services rendered always

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

we have recorded not less than 520 clients that have successfully travelled to continents like South Africa, North Africa, and Europe respectively, and others as well

Sustainability and future plans

our enterprise is outstanding and we have touch countless lives, our finance is self source ;like for the office space at Walter Carrington, and also the equipment like laptops and printer, as well as others bills like NEPA. It was self sourced and also we also stand a chance of making sure our services are unique even with the little we CAN, and our future plan is enter this contest and source for more funds for our future enterprise

Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Kenneth, I am the CEO of the above enterprise, and I am a sincere tourist and tour Officer who have experienced the comfort of the white men and their lands, so I decided to plant this back in my country Nigeria. My experienced in the field spring this unconventional enterprise out and I hope to succeed and grow with other entrepreneur's through this project of mine, I have been recognized in Nigerian Embassies as well as outside the community for my faithful jobs ands vocation in the traveling industries and I wish to spreads it across.

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