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AgroVoyage: Farms Can Float

Published on June 23, 2021 um 15:27

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Our aim is to free the farming community from the clutches of poverty and thus we bring a solution that is sustainable in the long run. Countries like Bangladesh has 72% farmers who are landless and have an income below 250$. The cultivable land is on rapid decrease (46% in 30 years) and there are as many as 4-13 middle men steps before the harvest reaches the consumer. We integrated the miracles of vertical farming and floating vinyl pontoons fused with solar powered farms. These are floating automated farms rented at nominal seasonal charges. With higher production, lower wastage and a successful distribution method proven through a huge pilot we are helping the farming community flourish.

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Our solution uplifts the farming community by empowering them with sustainable cultivation platforms and farm to consumer hub distribution. The solution provides 600% land increase (vertical farming), 20 Mega Unit less Grid electricity, only 7280 instead of 34800 liters of water usage (80% decrease due to river extraction and no inactive soil layer), 25% increased solar efficiency and 8 times more production. The rental cost per season per farmer remains under 180$ by our best estimation and the whole project has an break even of 3 years with a self-sustaining ability of 20+ years.

Sustainability and future plans

Our pilot was in Sunamganj with 5 platforms that impacted 15 families directly. The training program before introducing the technology was completed in 4 days and farmers sustainably completed harvest in our platforms. These are then sent in hubs of our pilot partner Syngenta Ltd. who directly sold it to the masses. Our distribution method ensure 3 times profit to accelerate the 8 times higher non-pollinated harvest. We will expand to 40 platforms post pandemic and by 2025 we aim to reach a total of 14,000 platfoms in regions of Sylhet, Dhaka and Barisal divisions; and also parts of India like Assam, Tripura and Orissa.

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I am Adib Ahnaf, a 17 year old entrepreneur dedicated towards innovation to solve social problems. I started my innovation career with a partnership with 'The Fire Fighting Department' with my project called FireFighting Drones. Later I co-founded the largest drone company in Bangladesh Rotor Solution. I have an online freelancing marketplace called Shomonnoy Ltd. I also co-founded the first AI company of the country Socian Ltd. valued at 2.3 Million USD. I come from the harsh north of the country and have witnessed poverty and ignorance amidst many communities. My core value lies in innovation and empowerment. To simply put my works in words I'd say 'Some people go digging for Gold. I sell shovels.' I believe to be on a journey on making the world a better place together with multifarious inspiring minds.

AgroVoyage: Farms Can Float

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July 9, 2021 10:59

Great idea and concept Abif! This is a smart and efficient idea that would benefit the farmers' community in the long term. This is a good example of innovation for sustainable agriculture. Good luck!