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Yamba Digital Hub

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:01

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Our overall objective is to reach more than 500 small businesses yearly. We started in urban areas as Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso ) . But the next step is to open an office in rural areas near the economic capital city, Bobo Dioulasso. As a long-term goal, we have an African vision. But we will start with West Africa particularly Mali and Guinea Conakry when we already have partners. We provide a wide range of digital marketing solutions to informal/very small businesses: Digital marketing/ communication strategy Digital platforms creation and management (websites, social networks, apps,) Content Production Trainings We are also developing a specific program for pupils and students: free IT conferences for them, mainly focused on how they can use ICT to succeed their academic cursus. When we optimize working tools and methods, it is possible to have low or even zero-costs prices. And we have decided to do this only for small businesses that generally face financial issues regarding new technologies use to promote their activities or sell. Thats means if a Facebook advertisement campaign costs 10 USD (market price), he will get the same service for less than 5 USD or even free with us. Additionally, we also manage to train him for basic marketing methods and platforms. SO that he can perform himself non- complex actions in order to sell his services or products.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

In 2018 I was the CEO of web agency and i noticed that small businesses were really interested digital marketing. We drafted thousands of proposals for some of them but finally we couldnt retain them because of the cost. Then i decided to reduce the costs to attract more people. Especially an informal car seller (Kader Abdoul) came to my office and told me that he is interested he has a very low budget. We launched a 10 ten days campaign for him, before the end of this campaign he ordered an extension of the campaign. Within two months he tripled his turnover and became all along our best client. Then i trained him to manage basic marketing strategy. Nowadays he is one of the best car sellers in town. From this experience i wanted to help entrepreneurs like Abdoul. That's why more than 50 small businesses have been accompanied since June 2019 Digital marketing strategy: more than 100 issued Digital Marketing trainings: 15 issued MS Office trainings: 5 issued More than 90% satisfaction rate: Some of our beneficiaries talking on our YouTube channel

Sustainability and future plans

Our business model is mainly based on small businesses growth . Since the beginning of the start-up, the funding sources are as follow Personal funds: 20% (salary) Revenues from sales: 70% Grants: 10% (Company House, the Tony Elemelu Foundation Program, UNDP Regional) I envision 2021 very bright. I expect Yamba Digital Hub with branches in more than 5 African countries in order to spread the work that work we started in Burkina Faso.

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Aged 29 , I have accumulated more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing as a freelance , employee and entrepreneur. My first entrepreneurship journey started in 2017 with Digickink and I been awarded by the Company House , the National Office of Telecommunications as well the Francophonie . One year later I decided to launch Yamba Digital Hub which has been awarded by the Tony Elumelu Foundation , UNDP REGIONAL , DUTCH MFA , the Francophonie .

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June 11, 2021 13:45

I think digital marketing holds such a great stake in most businesses and companies nowadays. Everything is moving into the digital platform, which for most people, it is easier, convenient, and more affordable than other marketing strategies. Your company has a great potential for growth especially in Africa, where many businesses and companies have not yet ventured into the e-commerce platform. Digital marketing gets to connects businesses and customers from different regions. This builds a business hub which in turn helps in growing the economy.