Best Projects 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs or informal programs.


Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:01

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AUGUST 3, 2017

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Evidence is an outstanding enterprise that promote peace, across the hearts and minds, of a lot of Nigerians. Especially those that have Traveled across America, Europe and Asia continents. this organization have many values like trust, sincerity, honesty and compassion due to verifying clients both on Nigerians and Non Nigerians who seek to visit many embassies in lagos State and Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory. Our enterprise is known globally

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Evidence have set a good targets on the laboratory and also in using low price and high quality for the clients to abide and have peace accordingly. We evaluate our success best on the unconventional laboratory we design not like others agents, across Nigeria. And owing to this our success had strike a chord in Nigeria and others part of the world as well.

Sustainability and future plans

Our business model is straight forward and considerate, so we touches many low class immigrants in Lagos embassies and Abuja embassies respectively. The equipment we used are self sourced and self plan just to keep the spirit of entrepreneurship flying in your nation, and you have made positive history and countless clients that traveled all over the world through Evidence Travels and Tours. Due to your trust many embassies refers clients to you willingly as well as recommendations from those who traveled out before. Evidence is really unconventional enterprise in deed.

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I am MATHEW OSIGWE , i'm from south south Nigeria, i'm upcoming entrepreneur with a different. i am not just the CEO of evidence travel and tour, but sincerity and trust as touched many lives across borders. these has been my motivating qualities that brought me to the national stage. my awards/recognition has brought my enterprise out. now i even advice my team to follow my footsteps and also create a better world with goal 16th as our major.

Evidence Travels and Tours

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