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Heal Mankind

Published on June 14, 2021 um 09:52

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Heal mankind is an idea extracted from "My Age My Help International (NGO) that seeks to provide psychsocial support to people through capacity building trainings for livelihood activities, health education and care, and community sensitization. Activities include: *At least monthly home visit with health screening; checking of vital signs, e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose levels , total cholesterol, temperature, etc *Renewal of health insurance for all beneficiaries *Health education on conditions and management of stress *Organizing psychosocial intervention programs like "experience sharing amongst youth and the elderlies", pension management, etc *Fund raising programs to support beneficiaries livelihood. Establishing Snail farm has been the approach to sustain the project in the future. Active beneficiaries and their relations shall in turn be employed in the project to boost economic competence in the community.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

My Age My Help International has succeeded in the following: *Engaging one hundred aged (over 60 years old) with twice monthly healthcare in their homes and communities. *Holding "Experience sharing programs amongst the youth and elderlies of people of Abuakwa North Municipality of Ghana, which got the youth sensitized about challenges in life and aging, and also empowered aged about their worth in society. Gifts were shared to all beneficiaries (aged) to boost their morale and went a long way reducing depression. *Health insurance of all beneficiaries have constantly been renewed to curb outrageous healthcare expenses. *Two healthcare nurses have been permanently employed by us with remuneration. *Siting land for snail farming to feed the project.

Sustainability and future plans

Heal Mankind currently depends on contributions from Executives of the NGO and any other donations from individuals, to start the snail farming project. Also fundraising exercises and fund soliciting strategies have been ongoing. It's our plan to generate revenue from the snail project to run the activities of the organization including providing the basic needs of all our beneficiaries (aged) and their close dependants. Most of dependants of our beneficiaries would be employed to earn income for themselves as well. Produce (matured snails) shall be internally and externally be marketed and sold for running of the organization.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 33 year old self motivated aged advocate and social activist who yearns to see smiles on the faces of people especially, the elderlies and underprivileged individuals in the communities. I am a Physician Assistant, Medical and Senior Staff Nurse by profession who have realized keen interest of the welfare of the aged because of the unfriendly environment they find themselves; so much stigma and rejection ranging from attention, provision of basic physiological needs, love, etc. Depression has set in the lives because of the perception by society as irrelevant and mean. Right from inadequate provision by state with unenforced laws supporting the aged down to the immediate community and families of the aged contribute to such ill perception and high aged related diseases in the country. It is in this light that I haven taken it upon myself to initiate warm and fundamental measures to address such problem to give our elderlies hope and room to live good lives with contentment of worthiness. One hundred aged have been roped into my project with objective of getting a snail farm business running with your support to feed my clients (elderlies and underprivileged)

Office of the NGO with training for volunteers

Home visit with service delivery for my clients

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Sandra Kyerewaa

June 22, 2021 10:24

Good job Dr Ben,you are indeed a blessing to the Aged and Needy,your project has been a full support to the Community,God bless you for that,God bless NGO,God bless you.

Assiamah Bernard

June 17, 2021 11:11

I love this idea. I wish i could vote a 1000 times. I would not hold back. This idea would go a long way in supporting the old age.
Snail farming is a very profitable businesses and he is not looking for the profit for himself but for the women and the needy. This is a man with a big heart and i know he will do just he says. He will do more which i know .
All the best to you Doc.
You have our full support.
Much love.

amidu diallo

June 15, 2021 12:36

This is a great project or initiative. I believe it will help empower the rural folks and bring them out of poverty. Capacity building in our poverty striken communities through training activities, health education and care, and community sensitization would go a long way to impact positively.


June 14, 2021 23:19

This is a stage we'll all get to(if God permits). A stage where an adult behaves like a child. Indeed it's difficult to stay with the aged, hence the stigma that leads them to the grave with bitterness in their hearts.
This is a good initiative and needs all the support to get to the very top.
Good job, I love it.

Gifty Anim

June 14, 2021 16:48

This NGO has helped a lot of aged people in my community and beyond. It\'s a very good initiative.
It has brought hope for the aged needy whose families cannot help them.