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Pigs for Peace and Resilience: Livestock Initiative to Prevent Radicalization and Strengthening Ear

Published on May 26, 2021 um 11:34

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The main objective of the project is to support concerted efforts put in place by the Government of Cameroon towards countering radicalization in the North West North through empowerment and livelihoods opportunities for youths and women and to mitigate the impact of the conflict and COVID-19 by enhancing the resilience of affected families in Santa, North West Region of Cameroon. Specific objectives 1. To prevent radicalization of youth and increase communities' resilience to crisis and capacity to prevent and respond to violent extremism in Santa 2. To improve the livelihoods of conflict and COVID-19 affected families through improved agriculture productivity or early local economic recovery through improve micro and small enterprises. 3. To build the capacity of community leaders for a meaningful participation in peace building initiative and response at community level. Activities 1. Conduct Labour based technology activities such as low skilled labour rehabilitation work on public community infrastructure. 2. Support the rehabilitation of pig pens and purchase piglet and distribute to youth. 3. Identify radicalized youth and youth-at-risk in need of de-radicalization and support them to establish pig pens and engaged in animal farming. 4. Facilitate the enrolment of youth in the Disarmament and Reintegration Centers. 5. Strengthen and support existing women and youth groups and associations and village recovery committees to engagement them in public private partnerships for early recovery. 6. Conduct training for women and men targeted groups, and other stakeholders on women meaningful participation in the conflict and COVID-19 response at local and community levels.

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The project's strong position favors preventing and responding to radicalization and extreme violence through a development approach that also integrates education, interreligious and intergenerational dialogue fostering peace as an important part in the recovery and rebuilding process of the affected communities. Enrolling IDP adolescents and youth in educational programmes will provide them with much of the social, health, educational and skill-building services they need, where education becomes a source or protection and psychosocial support that can nurture peace and stability. Expected long term impact 1: Enhanced recovery from and resilience to socio-economic to deliver impacts of violent extremism. 2: Radicalization of youth prevented and communities' resilience to crisis and capacity to prevent and respond to violent extremism is increased. 3: Early recovery and rapid return to sustainable development pathways are achieved in conflict and covid-19 settings.

Sustainability and future plans

Drawing from experiences of successful community driven development initiatives in conflict and crises settings, financial and in-kind support usually given to communities and families usually results to some level of asset building that usually transform the communities and families into self-governing and self-sustaining entities and depending on the pace at which progress is achieved. Hence, looking at the focus on the project (community mobilization, identifying their needs, supporting micro small businesses, capacity building and local opportunities in terms of developing various assets ) can show quick results like productive community groups, improved livelihood , and short-term employment creation, improved local economic recovery, income generation and reintegration of youth and IDPs. With these improvements, community groups may mature early and begin to function effectively to support its members in livelihood initiatives thus ensuring the sustainability of the action Also, it is expected that through support from this project, the capacity of the local community and line structures (women and youth groups) will be in place to plan, coordinate, monitor and manage livelihood and recovery initiatives after the project ends. To complement all this, efforts will be made to mobilize resources for continued funding of this project with the target area and also expand to new areas.

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Joanes Toulac Jang is 44 years old, the Founder/Director of Planet Aid Livestock Promotion and Learning Center and an engagement, empowerment and development strategist with over 10 years experience, pioneering and leading the conception, designing, planning, and effective implementation of projects/programs across Africa. He has developed expertise in leadership, Grants writing/project management, Reporting, Mentoring and Coaching young people. He has served as a consultant to Plan International, National Program for Participatory Development to develop their resource mobilization plan and Local Council Development Plans. He has for the past 10 years raised over $2,000,000 in grants for different development projects in Africa especially in South Africa, Malawi, and Cameroon. He is an Alumina for the Tony Elumelu Foundation TEF2019, and now coaching for the same foundation-coaching African Entrepreneurs developed their entrepreneurship ideas, pitch and mobilize more funding. I also offer coaching and development advice to help nonprofit organizations, small-size entrepreneurs, common initiative groups, and cooperatives to implement mission-aligned growth, development strategies. My role is to create partnerships aimed at promoting the social and economic development of communities in Africa. I am also involved in the formation and management of social ventures designed to employ and create business ownership opportunities for rural community residents.

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June 10, 2021 14:17

This project is awesome. Expecially fir youth it will go a long way in providing economic development for Cameron.

Can you check out mine too and give your feedback

Angwan Annita

June 6, 2021 16:22

This project which is one of it's kind in the community,will boast the morals and livelihood of the vulnerable population which are women and not living out unemployed youths who now have an opportunity to rely on for the fight against unemployment.

This won't only put money in their pockets but will help to solve the UN sustainable development goals 1 and 2.
Agriculture which is always looked upon as a poor man's job, yet it is one of the leading sectors in our economy, curtsy of this project there will be a change of mentality and also bring development to the Community.

Toulack Kingsley

June 4, 2021 00:06

This project will go a long way to put food on the tables of many thanks to its job creation nature, and its multiplier effect through training of youth. In addition, it is environmentally friendly agreeing more with UN SDGs.

Wukwen Destiny Muluh

June 3, 2021 10:31

This project is a brilliant idea to help our society , create jobs and promot agriculture in our community. This will go a long way to sustain the society with food and livelihood. It will help the youths with ideas of Entrepreneurship ideas and not depending on the government .

Zemah Joel Aghetse

June 2, 2021 16:47

The project is a good one and will go a long way to creat job opportunities for the youths. It will also go a long way nourishing the population. I think with the project, it can lead to the empowering of local farmers through trainings and workshops for sustainability

Yemili Fabrice

June 2, 2021 14:28

Youths in every society are peace ambassadors when they have something as such doing which will keep them away from idleness. So think this project is going a long to sending most of the idle youths in Santa to busy themselves with livestock rearing and others.

Prince Charles Dickson

June 2, 2021 13:57

This is a fantastic and practicable project that is touching lives, given the level of community wants and needs and the lack of government intervention. This is a project at the very local level and is relatable

Abimembom Yuhteh

June 2, 2021 12:24

The importance or this project in the Santa community cannot be overemphasized . It is just timely. I trust the the works of your hands sir. Long live pigs for peace

Napoleon Nwunasungazi

June 2, 2021 11:16

This is a man of action, he speaks little and does more.
This project is timely, with the ongoing crisis in the North West and Southwest regions of Cameroon, many have sought refuge in safe zones, thus, this project will empower many vulnerable through the value chain management

Teh Francis Yai

June 1, 2021 20:23

The interesting thing about this project is that it gives youths at least something meaningful to occupy themselves with in a period idleness may lead to several hazards. Pig farming has proven to be an initiative that brings encouraging returns in the North West Region and beyond.