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Published on May 28, 2021 um 18:08

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CastroExpress is not only a shopping store but also a development program tending to create multiple jobs where there is no possibility of job existence. We majorly aim on the youth without considering their academic qualification. Through our data cloning technique, we are able to clone our website data multiple times to individuals who are willing to generate income from this initiative. Unlike other shopping stores that only recruit promoters minus providing them with supportive marketing tools, CastroExpress gives its promoters a feeling of ownership by cloning its website data to match the brand name provided by the promoters. Additionally, we offer a control panel where registered individuals can access order details including client details and contact them directly. We term this as "being your own boss" Apart from focusing on the unemployed youth, we also focus on those who are tryin to elevate their hustle. In this category, through a 'supply us' button on our page, we offer young entrepreneurs free website where they can display their products to be accessible countrywide unlike being accessible only at the point of sale. Since its launch, we have helped a number of youths sell their products online receiving a number of recommendations to date. There is a continuous mutual benefit between us and small, individually own businesses as they form the largest share of our total suppliers.

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CastroExpress has been able to attain over 4 million web visits since its launch back in 2018 though this is considered to be the least among all. We have been able to clone over 1300 websites that continuously generate income for the Kenyan youths. These websites are offered free of charge and are available to everyone regardless of their tribe, religion, skin color, academic qualification or race.....we offer everyone an opportunity to work on his/her earning strategies. We have tried our best to elevate youths' hustle by bringing their presence online for free. A good example is TheStyle, BaveAccessories, OnealExpress, Eveshop, Zabtronics among others. We have also worked hard in bringing small businesses online in order to increase their sales. Apart from bringing these businesses online, we also incorporate their products to appear on our main shopping website for free. The greatest and memorable achievement was paying a promoter a total sum of KSh. 19,999 in a day from a sale of a television set. He described our initiative as a life changing and requested us never to terminate this program.

Sustainability and future plans

In the year 2018, as an individual, my source of finance was my Higher Education Loan that is provided by the government. I sat down and figured out something that will not only lift me out of economic crisis but also lift the lives of other students and youth who come from a humble background just as I am. Currently, am able to run the business from the small profits it generates, mobile loans, contribution from family and friends. We do not store product, which is another strategy of eliminating product handling cost hence focusing only on sales. The future plan of the business, and to talk in person, am looking into a future where CastroExpress will be having unbranded order collection point in order to accommodate all our promoters with different website names that are cloned from our main website. Currently, we only do door to door deliveries as my plans to secure an office and fully register the business was affected by the Covid19 pandemic. Am also looking forward to having an office where customers, promoters and sellers can visit and do inquiries. My other plan is to start handling fast moving products. All these put in place, we will be able to reduce the number of orders being cancelled as most customers need a physical order collection point. We will also be able to secure additional jobs for more youths as we'll need delivery guys, order sorting personnel, machine operators among others. Cloning technique and offering free websites will enable the business reach and be embraced by many. This our main assurance of continuity.

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I am Fidel Castro Dache, aged 23, currently a KCA University fourth year student. Born in 1998, I have been raised by my mum. This is after my dad passed on in the year 2005 when I was in class one. Due to life experience and the challenges we've gone through, I decided to utilize any opportunity that presents itself to write my future instead of letting time define my course. I had a dream of becoming somebody in future, not by gathering everything to myself but by influence others, sharing the available resources and achieving a desired goal together. Having taken business studies from high school all the way to the university, I have equipped my self with the skills necessary to start and run a business. The desire to have CastroExpress first hit my mind when we were given an assignment to develop a business plan. Other than that, life in the university wasn't favorable so I had to find a way to finance my daily expenses. I therefore decided use my first Higher Education Loan to building a website, approaching suppliers and having their products listed on CastroExpress. Good communication skills, ability to convince and influence, management skills, time management, objective oriented, critical thinking, ability to create new processes, having deep understanding about business and competition, ability to listen to others and take advices, strong accounting skills among others are the main qualities that define me. What keeps me going is the desire to touch many hearts and impact a positive change in their lives. Above all is my mum. She is the reason I am doing this. I would like to change her life as a way of saying 'thank you' for all the struggle she has gone through to educate me.

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October 20, 2021 19:28

I love shipping packages and your project just nail it! Your project has shown sustainable ways of development as well as its truly meaningful impacts on people's daily life. Hope good forth to you!

October 4, 2021 20:44

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Your project is amazing!