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LUXIGLU NETWORK: a project to promote sustainable communities and cities through construction

Published on June 7, 2021 um 09:09

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After over four years of construction industry experience and research in Zambia as Civil Engineer, I realised that most small and medium construction companies struggle to deliver good quality works and build capacity. Lately, the construction industry has faced lots of backlash due to notable poor workmanship and disasters. Amid all this, people of Zambia, a developing country, are still pro real estate investment and are constantly seeking information on the most affordable but best construction practices. It is therefore for this reason that Luxiglu Network, a hub for practical information through research and video, was born. Through this network, real estate investors, professionals and company owners will be able to network and promote their businesses and/ or skills to help grow their clientele. They will also gain information on topics such as construction management, building technology and quantification of building materials through documentaries, consultancy and lectures as requested. There is currently no broadcast media program dedicated to documenting construction projects with reviews from a technical point of view in my community. Disastrous or projects that were initially completed but later failed will be subjected to a technical investigative research documentary that will highlight what technically went wrong and their remedies for future property investors and construction professionals to learn from. Currently, well- researched topics on construction are shared through a Facebook Page and YouTube Channel with over 3000 followers. Through this shared information, people that want more services offered contact us through email and we close deals from there. Our community is fond of going for the traditional way of doing things; however, the COVID-19 global pandemic has shown us that there is actually another way of getting things moving without physical interaction. Therefore, offering such services online is one great way of even promoting digital migration.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

According to analytics from our Facebook Page, 1.4million Zambian Facebook users aged between 18 and 65 watch construction and real estate investment content. This means that provided our works get to be seen by this number online, at least one other person will be able to know of what practices they are to stick to when developing their communities. It is perhaps not everyone that will be able to build their own but they will definitely be able to point out when something is amiss; therefore, many more people than just the 1.4million online will have benefited. My community comprises people of different social status and capabilities. Some might be able to hire an engineer or consultant whilst others might not. Our organisation is there to bridge this gap through readily available information on construction to benefit even the most vulnerable but pro real estate investment person. At the end of the day, we all want to have communities and cities that are sustainable for human settlement. To achieve this, every person should be well informed regardless of their social standing in society. For example, a year ago I took a tour around communities to check on the quality of buildings they have developed and realized that some buildings especially in less privileged communities are not well reinforced not because it is expensive to do so but because they do not know its importance. The owner of the building and the bricklayers all do not have the basic and most necessary information on construction standards, so no one can control the other. Information is power and we believe a well-informed community on matters of infrastructure development will lessen avoidable disasters such as collapsing of houses.

Sustainability and future plans

Our business is at implementation stage. The pilot started in October 2020 as an extracurricular activity. Overwhelming response and inquiries on prices of services, yet to be set, has made us take things seriously. The business was incorporated in May 2021. Some equipment like camera stand, microphone and lights were bought. Some videos on construction are already up on YouTube and short articles are consistently posted on Facebook. A simple company website has been done; however, there is need for an e-commerce platform to be set up. Our target customers are construction enthusiasts (professionals, investors and companies) equivalent to over 1.4 million Zambians. Our revenue sources will be partnerships, adverts, consultancy, lectures, subscriptions etc. The founders personal income is used to invest in this business; however, funding opportunities are also being seized in order to establish this brand. We firstly look forward to securing at least $10, 000.00 capital, purchasing studio and office equipment to set camp and thereafter, concentrate on selling our brand. We want to be a well- known and trusted brand before concentrating on profit making. We will strive to have at least 100, 000 genuine followers in year one of formal business. We will work with the right people in first year that believe in our cause for the betterment of sustainable communities. After this, in year two, we will concentrate on testing new products/ services and increasing revenue sources. After stabilizing, in five years time, the company will expand to other countries.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Nuttah Mumbi, 28, is a Professional Civil Engineer with over four years of experience on different infrastructure development projects at management level. Her industry experience ranges from transportation engineering to buildings, water, and sanitation. Nuttah was named 2021 UPG Sustainability Leader for her contribution towards SDGs 9 and 11 to foster innovation and infrastructure development for sustainable cities and communities through Luxiglu, an organization she founded. Additionally, she is a Speaker, Investor and Writer. Nuttah has authored a book for students available on Amazon on resilience and tenacity. She through her Facebook Page, writes on well-researched construction topics to promote sustainable and great construction practices targeted at current and would- be estate developers. Similarly, through her YouTube Channel, Nuttah uploads videos on construction for the same purpose of promoting sustainable construction practices in her community. In her over four years of work experience in the construction industry, Nuttah observed that local construction companies struggled to deliver good quality works and that a majority of the real estate developers were actually hungry for information on great construction practices. This was evident in how over five people would consult her daily as professional engineer on the best way to handle their building projects. This prompted her to create audience on YouTube and Facebook for all to see which currently now serve over three thousand people. A 2017 YALI RLC SA Alumna and 2016 UN Women Global Champion for Change, Nuttah also features in articles and magazines like the Engineering Institution of Zambia Echo. Nuttah is passionate about infrastructure development and takes keen interest in trends in the construction industry to observe what is being done great and how it could be improved; this is actually, where her motivation to create sustainable communities stems from.


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November 1, 2021 17:34

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Your idea is very smart and practical.

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October 22, 2021 19:48

Life is a gift that has been given to you. It is in your hands to make the best out of it--dare to believe that you can. Through the ups and downs, you'll find a lesson to learn that will make you a better person. Each experience good or bad--makes you grow! Get along with life and surely, things will become easier for you.
#Climate Car

October 22, 2021 19:30

We all are heading towards a more sustainable future with a bright future for all people regardless of their backgrounds. We all believe in a brighter tomorrow when all people are met with their needs. Your project is amazing !

October 5, 2021 15:16

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Your project is amazing!


September 17, 2021 18:22

Thank you Aya Talbi for stopping by to check out my project outline. I will surely take time to check out your project. I wish you all the best in this competition.

September 17, 2021 15:20

Hello! I am Aya from Morocco. This is a great initiative, keep it up!
All the best of luck. Keep the hard work!
I invite you to check my project idea as well :)