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Published on September 8, 2021 um 15:27

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Safe Girl aims to lower the cost of menstruation in Uganda, through manufacturing and distribution of reusable menstrual kits that contain two reusable sanitary pads, a piece of soap, a menstrual booklet and a storage bag for keeping a used pad . Our main objective is end period poverty hence keeping the girl child in school. Our innovative approach is empowering the marginalized women and girls in rural areas and disadvantaged communities like refugee camps by providing them with a menstrual kit that lasts for a duration of one year. Additionally we conduct menstruation awareness sensitization campaigns in different communities and schools in Uganda, where we educate about tracking cycles, managing cramps and hygiene at large. Our innovative approach has been providing a menstrual kit that consists everything a girl would need for their periods.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Through providing the girl child with affordable and access to quality menstrual products we are able to keep the girl child in school hence responding towards the sustainable development goal of quality education for the girl child. To date we have been able to produce and distribute over 20,000 reusable menstrual kits, that we have distributed all around Uganda. Through the menstrual awareness sensitization campaigns we have been able to reach over 1000 people both male and female. In our training model we have been able to train over 5000 people on how to make their own reusable sanitary pads. To evaluate our success we use sales/distribution indicators where we calculate sales made to existing and new customers. Through the satisfaction of our employees we measure success. When employees are satisfied and empowered there is increases customer satisfaction. Through the number of people we reach in our awareness campaigns and other programs that we conduct under safe girl.

Sustainability and future plans

Safe girl sustains through production of reusable sanitary pads which we later sell selling to our target customers who are women and girls between the age of 11-50 through our sales agents , sell in bulk to Supermarkets, schools and hospitals in wholesale as well as selling to NGOs and Cooperate companies who then distribute in deeper rural communities. We as well collect donations and grants from organizations and companies who pay for our products to be distributed to either refugee camps or orphanages in Uganda. We aim to expand our production site to be able to accommodate at least 50 sewing machines, this will also enable us increase our production capacity. We aim to hire more 5 sales agents to do marketing in the different districts all around Uganda hence increasing our sales. Through expanding our production site we shall provide more employment opportunities to local women whom we shall train in production of reusable sanitary pads. We as well aim to double the number of menstrual campaigns we conduct on a monthly basis so as to reach a larger number of people.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

After overcoming a number of challenges in life that most of you cannot imagine. Orphaned at a young age, and without the love and support of a family, l struggled to obtain my most basic needs such as food and tuition. Undaunted, l persevered and managed to complete her secondary school education. At that point l was able to live with my aunt, the only remaining family member. More challenges arose when l began to menstruate. With no sanitary supplies available to me, l was forced to use rudimentary materials such as banana fibers and paper. Like most of the girls l knew, l was forced to stay home and miss school when l had my period. At one point, believing that menstruation was making me sick, my aunt took me to a witch doctor to cure me. Fortunately, a friend took a friend took her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with an infection. My name is Catherine Nakayemba 24 years old and a Ugandan by nationality. l am a passionate entrepreneur that believes in the power of empowering women and girls because they are the backbone of a nation. l am a youth that wants to support women and girls especially those in affected areas so that they become economically independent and for the girl child to have a chance at a better education, with experience of 4 years working with the girl child. A Diana Award recipient 2019, finalist Sinapis Business Plan Competition and grant winner Pursuit incubation program 2020

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Safe Girl Reusable kit

Safe girl pads after overlocking. ready for quality control then packaging

Me holding safe girl pack of two reusable pads

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October 5, 2021 15:17

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Your project is amazing!