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Volunteer Teaching and Teacher Training: Supportive Education for Poor Areas in China

Published on July 12, 2021 um 13:55

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The education resources and quality in poor rural areas in China has always been complex and difficult issue in current Chinas society. Often located on mountainous areas with inconvenient transportation, children and teenagers in poor rural areas have a difficult time accessing to qualified teachers, supplies and other educational resources. Among all educational resources, responsible and capable teachers are in most shortage because schools do not have enough funding to hire quality teachers and teachers hardly want to work in such harsh environment with so little salary. Therefore, a good way to solve this problem is to reply on volunteer teachers who are mostly college students or recent graduates. These young people often teach in rural areas for one or two years during their gap years as volunteer activities. However, how to ensure stable supply of volunteer teachers and the quality of the education they deliver needs many extra efforts. The purpose of this project is to ensure the stable supply of volunteer teachers and the quality of the education they deliver in poor rural areas in China. To improve the education condition in poor rural areas in China, there are two aspects that need to solve: the number of teachers and the quality or ability of teachers. Firstly, our company will regularly recruit volunteer teachers from colleges and universities by on-site advertisement and social network promotion. Secondly, we will also host trainings to new volunteer teachers where we will familiarize them with textbook knowledge they will teach, and prepare them to efficiently communicate with students. Together, we aim to build up a stable chain from recruiting volunteer teachers, training volunteer teachers, to providing quality education to children in rural areas.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The impacts of my enterprise are: 1.The children in poor rural areas in China can have access to stable and quality educational resources and stay in school longer. We will measure it by how many volunteer teachers we offer, how many teaching hours they achieve and how many students are taught by our program. 2.Parents in poor families in rural areas can have better idea of the importance of education for their next generation. We will measure this achievement by dropping-off rates of students and sending out questionnaires to parents. 3.This project will reduce local governments financial and other burden to recruit qualified teachers for rural schools. We will measure this item by having conversations with government agencies and composing financial report with them. 4.Volunteer teachers can gain social, teaching, organizing experience. We will measure this achievement by conducting surveys and collecting feedbacks from volunteer teachers.

Sustainability and future plans

1.Government funding. Currently Chinese government are working closely with NGOs, charities and companies to organize volunteer activities in rural areas. We can collaborate with local government agencies and apply funding to support our recruiting and training activities. 2.Donations from companies and firms. Many big companies seek ways to give back to the community by supporting charity activities. 3.Donations from general public. Business model: 1. Recruiting department. In charge of recruiting new volunteer teachers twice to three times a year. Possible recruiting ways include posting information in popular social media: Weibo, Tiktok, Kuaishou, WeChat, etc., contacting volunteer organizations in colleges, and sending out flyers and posters on campus. 2.Training department. In charge of hosting orientation and training sessions for new volunteer teachers. Trainers will be previous volunteer teachers, experienced public school teachers, etc. The training will cover 1. the scope of textbook knowledge that teachers are supposed to teach; 2. ways to communicate with young children and teenagers; 3. techniques to cope with students parents; 4. potential challenges and solutions; 5. living and working environment in rural areas. Each training session is supposed to be 3 5 days in length. 3. Public Relationship department. In charge of collaborations with local governments and schools in rural areas. This department to work on details about the number of volunteer teachers needed, what subjects to teach, how long each teacher will stay, and other teaching and living arrangement to make sure a smooth start of teaching activities. 4. Finance department. In charge of collecting funding, budget management and other finance-related activities. This department will work with government agencies, other companies and general public to raise fund for the project. Also this department will make budget plans, allocate funds to different activities, and make sure a high return rate.

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My name is Royce Xu. I am 16 years old this year and recently graduated from Shanghai Lingling High School, China. Growing up with my family, I have moved multiple times and transferred to many different schools. Ever since I was a little kid, I realize how important schools and teachers are to me. I was lucky to meet so many good teachers and get access to excellent education resources when I grew up. Due to external support and my own hard work, I am proud that I achieve almost straight As in my high school study. Therefore, it broke my heart when I learned that many other kids in China do not have the privilege to enjoy the education resources they are supposed to have access to. As a consequence, I want to conduct this project, Volunteer Teaching and Teacher Training: Supportive Education for Poor Areas in China, to connect poor kids to good education resources.

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September 15, 2021 18:52

Hello! I am Aya from Morocco. This is a great initiative, keep it up! I really loved your project and I hope you can achieve your goal.
All the best of luck. Keep the hard work!

July 13, 2021 16:02

This is excellent project. If you distance in terms of locations I would have given myself to this project...
Let me know if there are any means other people from different countries can contribute in terms of service delivery