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Indiroot (SeedAR Software Solutions Inc.)

Published on July 16, 2021 um 22:27

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Indiroot is an online Customer-to-Customer (C2C) marketplace dedicated to indigenous people and minority groups around the globe so that they can have a means of selling their different handicrafts and authentic art (clothing, beadworks, accessories, home décor, carvings, and many more) as well as traditional dishes and food directly to their enthusiasts and consumers. The purchased products will be delivered to their consumers via courier service providers or even with the help of volunteer travellers and tourists. In addition, as an added value, we would like to provide a tool for the indigenous communities to promote their culture and history through AR-based storytelling. Regarding other services that we intend to provide through our platform, recognized indigenous figures from different countries will be able to hold online workshops on their rituals, traditions, ancient knowledge, and stories to raise the worlds awareness about indigenous peoples issues and suggested ways to tackle them. Therefore, apart from its financial contributions, the proposed platform will help the indigenous to become more culturally recognizable. Indiroot is making use of a range of novel technologies and techniques including Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and gamification.

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The research and development phase of indiroot began months before the establishment of SeedAR and led to the development of a rough prototype. We also validated our problem-solution fit through meetings and discussions with indigenous and non-indigenous organizations and industry people. Further, product-market fit is validated through customer surveys and contacts with relevant organizations. Fortunately, indiroot got acceptance into Manitoba Technology Accelerator (MTA) incubation program under the Start-Up Visa (SUV) program in June 2020. We incorporated our start-up, now called SeedAR Software Solutions Inc., operating as SeedAR, in the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada in January 2021. We have also registered for a Provincial US Patent and a Canadian Copyright for indiroot. Since then, indiroot has been invited to present in several pitch events and demo days. Right now, indiroot is completing Technology Readiness Level 5 (large-scale prototype). We are working on indiroot's first MVP to launch by the end of August 2021. By then, we have completed our list of early adopters including indigenous artists and business owners so that they will be able to start using indiroot as testers. We plan to launch the complete version of indiroot by December 2021 and start having revenue.

Sustainability and future plans

Our pricing strategy is based on transaction models (incremental commissions) targeted at vendors. It should be noted that no cost is received from buyers. In this strategy, we charge vendors for every transaction facilitated through our website. However, we will start charging once the vendor has reached a certain sales threshold. After, we will incrementally increase the percentage of our service fee. This way, the vendors will have the incentive to garner better ratings and make a reputation for their type of products among buyers. In addition, in case any indigenous community or business would like to have AR customized content created for them, the fee will be determined on a project basis and received in installments. It should be noted that we are offering the indiroot premium plan for free for up to three months to the first 100 vendors that register a vendor account with indiroot. This will give us a solid foundation of potential lifetime clients to draw from while limiting technical risk early on as theres no financial commitment on the users part. To secure this first 100, we are contacting indigenous businesses in our target segments and artists and inviting them to become our early adopters. Further, we are leveraging the business relationships that we have made with indigenous and non-indigenous industry people through pitching indiroot in the demo days and pitch events that we participate in. Once technical optimization and early user acquisition metrics are reached, we will then activate revenue generation through lucrative avenues. Currently, we are bootstrapping indiroot while keeping an eye on investment opportunities. We anticipate indiroot to break even two years after it is fully launched, and we project our revenue to be more than 1 million Canadian dollars after three years of operation.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

SeedAR is founded by three old friends and colleagues: 1) Yasmin: I am born in Germany in 1992 and am raised in Iran. I hold a Masters degree in IT and am the Business Developer in SeedAR. I believe in my research and problem-solving skills and have worked as a business developer in different startups and industries to help convert raw ideas to actual revenue-making companies. I have also been working with different minority groups in Iran as a volunteer and am familiar with their problems relatively closely. 2) Mohammad: I am the CEO and CTO in SeedAR and have been working as a full-stack software developer in different countries for over a decade. All through these years, I have worked on enriching my professional background in computer science and programming. Currently, I am deepening my knowledge of AR technologies. 3) Ali: Being an art lover, I am the Art Director of our team. Always eager to learn more mostly through self-studies, I have been engaged in digital art and graphics since years ago, using my artistic sense and innovative ideas to create. Currently, I am educating myself on how to convert the indigenous stories into artistic content for the AR component.

This is the slides for a 3 minute pitch of Indiroot.


AR in indiroot

Indiroot one-pager

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July 26, 2021 17:49

Amazing Project! I have a question!
How do indigenous people, who (in most countries) live in remote areas with limited access to the internet and technology? Most of them only know their native language will access this opportune marketplace?
I think you have to travel to these places and help them access, To tap the potential of their skills.

Mohammad Hossein Khadishi

July 22, 2021 00:49

Such a new category you are developing. I believe there is plenty number of people out there that would be waiting for your product to be launched and broadcasting it. Best wishes for your team.

Sepehr Hadaegh Nia

July 19, 2021 16:38

Amazing, forgetting the cultural and artistic identity of each nationality and the backwardness of the activists in this field is one of our concerns these days. Indiroot is a great idea for revitalizing this industry. This idea helps local retail to represent their products and their art better and more impactful around the world.

Sepideh Khorrami

July 17, 2021 16:02

Awesome idea, this way vendors and retails will be revitalized while the have been banishing in this era.. absolutely it will be a great motivation for locals to learn Indigenous arts to represent this art as their identity.