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Soap and scholastics manufacturing.

Published on July 21, 2021 um 19:22

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Culix gen Marketing Agency Ltd, was established on 30- October 2015 as manufacturing and distribution company producing mainly soap and cosmetics products at an affordable price to the community and also ensuring that we promote both personal hygiene and general cleaners. The quality of our products is our main and prime principal, not forgetting that soap is a necessity. One can not leave out soap so it's affordability is our second goal. As the human finger are not equal we understand that their people around us that earn less than a dollar a day. After carefully calculating our profit margin we take a small portion to help the community by offering them a few basic needs like; Soap, food "Maize flour", and books to the school children every Saturday. Our products include; Culix Liquid soap, Culix Hand wash, Culix Dish wash, Culix Shower Gel, Culix Toilet Cleaner, Culix genius books, Lucile sanitizer, Lucile Bleach, Lucile glass cleaner, Lucile toilet bar soap (Bathing) soap. And lastly culix after shave. Additionally we have set up ateam of four professional accountants to help start up company's and other SMEs, in Uganda with their book keeping / accounting works and tax management at a small rate as low as $15per month, since many can not afford to employee an accountant. And then make many mistakes which force a number of them not meet their first or fifth birthday. Through this program we are now helping about 127 businesses to effectively reach their goal.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Culix gen marketing agency Ltd employees about 5 permanent employees, four causal workers and supports about three families directly through employment. The community outreach program supports about 349 families by giving them a few basic needs. The quality of our products is very good and affordable to all classes of people this has enabled almost every member of the community to access cleaning and hygiene boosting items with out too much hustle. The accounting programs has restored hope in a number of businesses that it's all possible, and that best accounting is affordable to everyone. None of our accounting client has gone out of business instead they are becoming bigger and bigger each and every year. Lastly culix Gen Marketing Agency Ltd's environmental policy ensures that our waste can and will not harm the eveiroment by making sure it is well taken care of. Though this policy is not written any where yet.

Sustainability and future plans

We are planning to grow bigger by adding in a few machinery requiring about $200,000. And a delivery van, we plan to employee more people in the community and developing the accounting programs into an accounting firm which is independent thought the rates may not change.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am a Ugandan making 30 year this December in 2021, holding a Diploma in Finance and accounting. Also a humanitarian serving in Vision for the Disadvantaged children (VFDC) as a Vice president.

Katende Jimmy Kisambira

Culix Toilet Cleaner

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October 5, 2021 15:36

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Your project is amazing!

Kiranda George

October 2, 2021 13:18

It is great, the community loves your product. Plus the offers you extend to them in form of free giveaways on Saturday.
Thank you culix gen marketing agency Ltd, management and and staff I really appreciate as an individual.

Kaggwa jamada

July 26, 2021 20:16

Great work , just keep it up .
Help needle , poor family and keeping or help the needful chicken in school by giving them scholastic materials is a Great idea
God bless you.

Kaggwa jamada

July 26, 2021 20:16

Great work , just keep it up .
Help needle , poor family and keeping or help the needful chicken in school by giving them scholastic materials is a Great idea
God bless you.