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Lemnago : The Nature's Superfood Revolution

Published on July 19, 2021 um 15:50

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Good Health and Well-Being , the 3rd developmental goal of UN and solving malnutrition is the most important part of it. Some Indian states and African countries are looking into the use of supplements for eradicating malnourishment. But supplements have their fair share of disadvantages like cultural acceptance, effectiveness. Lemnago superfood have been tested and tried at many NGOs and shown great acceptance amongst people , as the superfood is added to the staple dish, and it doesn't cause any change in the taste thus making it more acceptable. As for the nutrients , although not in great amounts as in supplements but lemnago has more nutrient density than any other natural crop or vegetable. Over 40% of complete protein, vitamin B12, B6 , folate , sodium , iron , omega 3 ,6 ,dietary fiber provides a 360 nutrition thus assisting proper growth.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The growth of lemnago crops is more sustainable than most crops with similar nutrient density. Lemnago require a water growth medium for production but the net fresh water consumption is less than a normal crop. During harvesting over 70% of the water content in harvested plants is recovered, as for the evaporation, the thick layer of plant growth over the water surface prevents much evaporation. We have successfully growth lemnago crops in a water salinity of 10g/l , where as a normal cereal cannot survive of a water salinity of 3g/l , thus a major portion of water required need's not to be desalinized. These plants can be harvested round the year in most areas.

Sustainability and future plans

Currently working on small scale , we are a profitable business. For our future growth we are expecting a funding for a initial push. Our main targeted customers are the government organizations looking after the malnourished population and some NGOs. In India we are also working to serve restaurants , and some FMGC companies. We have a hub and spoke model. Let's take example of Madhya Pradesh, a state in India. We have researched and chosen the districts with our main customers and government organizations, and around those districts we have opted the most barren area, where farmers are poor. We provide these farmers with proper training , and initial setups for growing the crops for us. This process helps the farmers to earn a better income, brings down the transport cost and helps to setup a constant and secured income source for the areas with waste/barren lands. To achieve our current state we have been bootstrapping. In future we expect to cater individual customers in India, FMCG companies and restaurants. We also plan to setup production facilities in countries like Rwanda , Namibia and other countries facing malnourishment.

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Hello everyone !!! Myself Nayshreyash Umrao, I am a 13y/o Entrepreneur from India and I am working on Lemnago a food tech startup, we make the best plant based superfoods that nutrify your diet in the flavor you want. My entrepreneurial journey began when I was 9y/o, back then I made herbal mosquito repellants. 3 years later I created a security tracking device to prevent crimes. But my first big breakthrough came when I was 11y/o. I created a novel fuel cell that was made from some very basic materials but had a energy density 10 times that of lead-acid battery. I was pitched this to some government organizations and was awarded for that. But Lemnago was the first idea that came after a really big problem, like a really really big problem. Covid-19 had just begun and eating adequate amounts of nutrition was what everyone wanted. But eating too much food or supplement wasn't for me, Meanwhile I also was researching about the Indian NGOs where I got to know about the number of children that were dying every year due to lack of nutrients. I felt that something was not going right and it had to be solved. So I went out , looking for solutions, and just in time I got to know about the Burmese food , duckweed. But that was not something most people would be willing to eat. We made SOPs regarding the hygienic growth medium , harvesting , production to make the product more interesting.

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October 18, 2021 21:38

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.
Your idea is cool and practical!

September 17, 2021 15:23

Hello! I am Aya from Morocco. This is a great initiative, keep it up!
All the best of luck. Keep the hard work!
I invite you to check my project idea as well :)