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Velma-ARC Action to Reduce Cyber Crimes Nigeria

Published on July 30, 2021 um 09:49

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Our mission Velma-ARC; Action to Reduce Cybercrime, endeavors to curb and address the root causes of cybercrime, reducing recidivism processes, reintegrate disengaged youths, strengthen prevention of forced recruitment and utilization initiatives all pervasive in the current climate. The restorative justice program for those trapped in the vicious cycle of cybercrime serves as the way forward. The proliferation of the internet in Nigeria has indeed come with unintended consequences, as a haven for criminals. Cybercrime has remained a challenging issue despite increasing awareness and attention to addressing the menace in Nigeria and across the globe. Ultimately these factors combine to keep Nigeria in a cycle of poverty that can only be broken with proper investment and reform. Velma-ARC insists that the security of all usersand the well-being of societies and economies around the worlddepends on a concentrated effort to thwart the increasingly costly and threatening cyber risks that undermine the world order. Whereas governments are in charge of protecting the countrys borders against threats, and police monitor city streets, at the moment it is up to government institutions and public and private entities to protect themselves from cyberattacks, which are becoming more frequent and greater in intensity. Cybersecurity is considered to be a minimal requirement to enhance the peace and prosperity of nations. While the worlds best National Cybersecurity Agencies (NCA) have comprehensive strategies, it is not possible for a single organization to deliver all the components of a strategy on its own. Fulfilling our goals requires Velma-ARC to have adequate in-house technical skills and expertise. To fill any capability gaps, Velma-ARC partners with and mobilizes key players in the cybersecurity ecosystemincluding those in the private sector, academia, and other public-sector areas, both local and internationalare essential to combat the cybersecurity risks of the country

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As of 8 May 2020 Interpol National Central Bureau in Abuja Nigeria agreed to forward their cybercriminals to our services. The network of corroboration including Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, National Information Technology Development Agency, Ministry of Communications Technology, Nigerian Communications Commission, Nigerian Correction Services (Prisons), Ministry of Justice, Nigeria Police, Nigerian Bar Association and the Judiciary stand committed to support the pioneering endeavors of Velma-ARC. To supplement traditional sources of threat intelligence, Velma-ARC has established a platform where the government and the private sector can share threat intelligence quickly and confidentially. As a single point of contact for all networksand, increasingly, citizensto report cyber incidents, the creation of a safe cyber environment through the integrated information operation IO is ideal for contemporary counter-terrorism campaigns. As a National Cybersecurity Agency NCAthe overall responsibility of defining and driving the cybersecurity agenda of the entire country, here are five strategies ensuring competency; 1. a dedicated NCA 2. a National Critical Infrastructure Protection program 3. a national incident response and recovery plan 4. defined laws pertaining to all cybercrimes 5. a vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem Active monitoring for cyber threats. To actively monitor the internet for cyber threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, combining network patterns with existing national-security intelligence to assess threats. Proactive efforts to combat cyber threats. To proactively block it across the entire country and work with the hosting company to take it down. International cooperation and collaboration. The transnational nature of cybercrime makes it critical to participate in global forums, establish intelligence- and threat-sharing partnerships with other countries, and collaborate on preventing and investigating cybercrimes. Establishing a central training portal. To provide free online cybersecurity training to federal, state, and local government employees and contractors through its Hub. Leveraging private-sector training providers. To embed our digital program in a policy framework, leveraging established institutions and infrastructure, such as existing community education and training models, providing incentives to attract global private-sector training companies to set up centers and offer courses.

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In our efforts to support the Nigerian government in the disaggregation of cybercrime, Velma-ARC regards the tactical employment of technology as a sensible starting point. Turning to the hitherto cybercrime actors themselves in order to gain insight into their modus operandi, such techniques contribute positively to the efforts in tackling cybercrime; insight into new trends in cyber threats enables a plugging of loopholes constantly exploited by cybercriminals. Velma-ARC strategizes in leveraging the repentant youths' cybercriminal skills for curbing such incidents of crime. By harnessing their ICT skills to be efficient stakeholders in fighting cybercrimes, we also make them employable in the ICT market. Spurring the repentant youth to cultivate practical tools, and providing opportunities to learn prosocial strategies, Velma-ARC furnishes coping techniques for addressing their inherent problems. The co-operative society being proposed will be registered with relevant government agencies so it has a distinct legal personality with perpetual succession. Our plan is to rehabilitate and train successive candidates for 10 years and turn over the system to the community. This initiative will ensure that the project is sustainable. It will aid a smooth transition from our organization to the government-affiliated operation, with minimal intervention. A co-operative society gives room for peer review and monitoring. The leadership of the society will be by consensus/election. Velma-ARC staff will also be represented in the society in order to continue to provide support and guidance, and to ensure that the initiative succeeds. It is planned that Velma-ARC will have trained and empowered 1000 graduates who, in turn, will provide free training to prospective candidates via a pool to be administered by the co-operative society on a yearly basis, thus producing entrepreneurs who can emigrate with their skills to provide ICT services to the community at large.

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Velma Foundation, based in Abuja, Nigeria and registered 16/03/2017: CAC/IT/No95912 is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Velma Solicitors. A tripartite agreement whose members include; *Executive Director David Diya Ashaolu LL.B, B.L, LL.M (Harvard), CC.E (USA), FNSIS, is the A), FNSIS, is the Executive Director at Velma Foundation. He is a Co-Founder of the organization. Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, Nigeria 2019 date: PhD on Policing Cyberspace in Nigeria- A formidable line of Defence in National Security. Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, USA *Dr. Abiodun Oduwole LL.B, B.L, LL.M (Kingston), MCIArb (UK), is also a Director and Co-Founder, LL.M in Dispute Resolution from Kingston University, UK. Doctor of Philosophy in Arbitration and Dispute Resolutions *Ms Carla Therese Ceravolo is a Director and Executive Partner. An Australian based in Tokyo, Japan. She is also the International Liaison Officer for the Foundation and co-convener. We have been involved in a number of philanthropist and humanitarian outreach across the country, striving to meet the needs of those who are helpless and vulnerable. Some of our outreaches include: Business Empowerment Outreach to indigenes of Ojoo, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria in 2018 wherein over 100 persons were empowered with business investment seeds, that has turned around their economic lot. Educational Scholarships, including to indigent students attending the Nigerian Law School, University of Abuja, National Open University of Nigeria, Olabisi Onabanjo University and other institutions and through our Nursery and Primary School, Perryfields Academy, Abuja Provision of Educational and Health-based human resource capacity to Internally Displaced Persons at Kuchingoro, Abuja Distribution of Relief Materials to different IDP Camps and Motherless Babies Homes/Orphanages Outreach to physically challenged individuals, in conjunction with the Atmosphere of Love Chaplaincy and the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Disability Matters Velma-ARC Rehabilitation Bootcamp for Repentant Cybercriminals Velma Foundation Vocational Centre, Ile-Ife, Osun State

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