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OurLove Mobile Application: A Mobile Application for VR Clothing Fitting Business Plan

Published on August 11, 2021 um 10:31

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OurLove App is a mobile application where individuals can scan 3D models of their body and see what they look like in a piece of clothes via VR technology so that they do not need to go clothing shopping in person. Our mission at OurLove App is to provide shoppers a new way to virtually shop for clothes and clothing brands/sellers a new channel to promote their products. We aim to help people choose clothes suitable for them in an effective and accurate way. We strive to provide shoppers with the most engaging shopping experience possible and clothing sellers with revolutionary ways to promote their products. Individual clothes shoppers and clothes retailers will both contribute to the payment to use our App. This idea was proposed considering remote or online shopping is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Especially in the context of a global pandemic, people rely heavily on online shopping; and clothes sellers often find their physical stores experience a decline in visitor amount. Our company values the innovation, accuracy and effectiveness of our product in solving clients needs. We put in the first place clients satisfactory, privacy and user-experience. We aim to make positive contributions to the society. We will never forget the wellbeing and growth of our employees.

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OurLove App is a virtual clothing fitting software. It can achieve the following functions for users: Individual users can scan their body using this app and cellphone cameras. They can either do this by asking another person to hold the cellphone for them or fixing their phone in a position and moving their body in front of the camera. After the scanning, the App is able to build a 3D model of the users body shape, including its height, and size of different body parts such as arm, leg, etc. Users can also do some routine movements such as squatting and jumping and use the App to build 3D models of different gestures. Users are also allowed to input their body shape dimensions directly into the app such as height, weight, hip, etc. to help improve the 3D model. All clothes models and dimension parameters have been pre-loaded into the App. Users can browse different styles, sizes and brands of clothes and then choose what they like to put on the 3D models of their bodies. Users can directly order clothes they like via our App. Product Features and Benefits Accessible: our App users can simply download our app and scan using their cellphone cameras. Innovative: there is no similar application in the market currently. Our product will be the first application that supports 3D VR clothing fitting through cellphone. Economical: it will help individual consumers buy clothes suitable to them therefore avoid unnecessary waste. It will also help retailors reduce return rate and decrease their operational cost.

Sustainability and future plans

Registered members will be asked to pay an annual member fee of USD dollar 16 to unlock the full function of the app after they have a free trail for 30 days. A member can also send other people invite links to get dollar credit. We will also charge clothes retailors for 3D scanning their products and promoting their clothes in our App. We will as well charge 0.5% commission fees when retailors sell out their products through our App. We are encouraging a non-hierarchy structure in the company in order to lower the management costs and to promote an open and inclusive atmosphere for innovation ideas to be embraced and implemented. Financial department is responsible for keeping track on the burning rate of our budget, the profit earned so far, and other expense possible. They will also analyze the distribution of our budget and the cost-effectiveness of all our spending. Research and Development (R&D) department is the core of the company. Business development and front-end development departments will work together to make reasonable business plans and design our App. Sales department will be in charge of promoting our products through various distribution channels and increasing our user numbers. Public Relationship Department will support customer service and maintain our relationship with our investors and partners. Our budget for the first 3 years is 950,000 USD dollars where, the software development budget is 100,000 USD dollar, staff salaries are 700,000 USD dollar, and advertising promotion is 150,000 USD dollar. We aim to achieve at least 3 million dollars sale in the first 12 months.

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My name is Qichen Wang born in 2002, China. As a new generation born after China joined the World Trade Organization, I witness that more and more ways of selling goods have been invented and used with the rapid development of China's economy. Since last year under the influence of COVID-19, the rise of online shopping has brought innovation to the shopping industry. The rise of online shopping is accompanied by many problems with online shopping, such as improper purchase size and a large amount of return data. So I started this project to solve many problems in the online shopping industry and decrease the return rate.

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October 5, 2021 15:17

The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Your project is amazing!

September 17, 2021 15:21

Hello! I am Aya from Morocco. This is a great initiative, keep it up!
All the best of luck. Keep the hard work!
I invite you to check my project idea as well :)