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GREEN Hospitality Waste Recycling App - REAP

Published on September 28, 2021 um 11:41

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Our app will provide a platform to connect businesses and recycling collection companies and facilitate communication between the two parties, building up a network to enable efficient waste collection. It aims at increasing the volumes of recycled waste by resolving the issues identified and changing the above perceptions of key stakeholders involved in the change - restaurant owners, restaurant workers, waste collectors and processors, and ultimately the wider community. REAP will have three primary functions: to connect hospitality businesses with recyclers; to conduct and store waste audits; and educate users on waste management practices. For businesses, they will be able to browse for nearby collectors by filtering according to different types of waste to be collected, schedule a pick-up and conduct waste auditing to be provided with suggestions on how to better improve their recycling performance. For recyclers, they will be alerted with pick-up requests, see collection points on a map, accept orders according to their preferences, and design the fastest route for collecting waste from multiple venues. Our platform also aims to educate businesses on the importance of sustainable waste management by providing information on waste hierarchy, the types of waste that can be recycled and recycling best practices. With this information, recyclers can save on cost and time to sort out the waste and increase recycling efficiency. Moreover, companies will be able to easily monitor their waste production and help conduct waste auditing by storing data on the types and amounts of waste being produced by a business. They will be able to track their recycling history and view regular reports on the status of their waste productions.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

REAP is being created to become a two-sided solution for businesses and recyclers with broader implications for the sustainability goals, research and development in Hong Kong. Through its primary function of businesses scheduling pick-ups on our platform, it will increase the ease of recycling companies to attain information about the market demand. Businesses will also be more willing to adopt recycling practices due to the convenience brought by this app. The organic build-up in scale will greatly increase the volumes of waste recycled and allow the recycling industry to expand and grow. Through its data collection and historic analytic functions, the app will allow businesses to access trends, understand what they can do more to increase the recycling rate within the company and thus further boost the amount of waste being recycled. Furthermore, utilizing the data we will have collected, GREEN Hospitality would also like to facilitate policy decisions made by the Hong Kong government. By conducting macro data analytics, we will be able to identify the major waste types being disposed of as well as the businesses which are producing the most waste. This will help the Government to target future waste management initiatives to reap maximum benefits. We expect that by taking business owners and staff through an education journey about waste and the impacts of waste has on the environment and the example that the hospitality industry will become, a ripple effect will spread to customers and society at large that will turn apprehensiveness to a better understanding and increase towards recycling.

Sustainability and future plans

After the initial period of market penetration, REAP will be upheld by a subscription model that will take its fees from hospitality businesses. The hospitality industry is one of the fourth largest industries and thrives off the international and domestic market. The city thrives off diners eating out or ordering delivery and boasts of one restaurant for every 470 people. Although international tourism has dwindled from Covid-19, hotels are marketing towards the local customer base by embellishing inbound tourism as luxury staycations. Currently, there are over 306 hotels, 15,000 Food and Beverage outlets and over 300 recyclers in Hong Kong. The industry provides REAP a lasting market and will always have the need for the services it provides especially when the commercial sector starts getting charged for its generated waste under the MSW Charging Scheme. Hospitality businesses will be able to purchase a yearly subscription at the price of HKD 480 in order to be able to order and schedule recycling pick ups based on their waste. They will also be able to access data, education and ready-made communication materials. After the first year of implementing this project, we estimate that REAP will be generating enough revenue from its subscription fees to sustain itself in terms of maintenance and marketing. The subscription-based model makes the tool affordable and also provides initial flow of capital. REAP can be purchased by itself or be part of a package that a GREEN Membership offers which also includes other tools that support sustainable practices and behaviour changes. Members of the GREEN Hospitality program will get access to some data in the database for which proportion of the cost to maintain and sell the tool will be used.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Lucia Loposova is a 36 year-old entrepreneur who started GREEN Hospitality as a special program under HKU's Soap Cycling initiative back in 2019. Under this set-up, GREEN Hospitality was able to organize specialised conferences, hackathons and think tanks that have gathered over 1,000+ participants, generating several new innovative solutions and creating various toolkits and guides for the industry; as well as has published research which is a point of reference for the industry in Hong Kong and the region. In February-2021, GREEN Hospitality left the umbrella of projects managed by Soap Cycling and has since been established as a program of Pangaia Solutions Limited, with Lucia remaining as the Executive Director of the newly established not-for-profit organisation. Lucia's interest in sustainability started while studying at the university where she researched the social impact of tourism and the traditional food heritage. She holds a joint master's degree in Tourism Management (EMTM - European Master in Tourism Management) - a program with a strong focus on ESG delivered by the University of Southern Denmark, the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and the University of Girona (Spain). She has been involved in social impact space, diversity & inclusion, and the nonprofit sector through her experience with the Erasmus Mundus Association to which she dedicated almost a decade of incessant work and support. Most recently. Lucia has been engaged with the Foundation for Shared Impact, delivering experiential learning programs at the University of Hong Kong - Impact Lab and Transformative Business Immersion.

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GREEN Hospitality Composting Project - HK

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Fred Okello

December 2, 2021 07:10

Nice environmental initiative! Let\'s be sustainable together Lucia Loposova. The need for such initiatives for successful environmental initiatives such as your becomes more urgent year after year. Biomedical waste is degrading our global environment. You project is a positive step towards SDG 7. Kudos Lucia!

Fred Okello, Nova Scotia, Canada

Tieto Barh

October 29, 2021 12:03

What an innovative project! I do believe it's quite helpful for utilizing waste in an efficient solution. Indeed, there would be many stakeholders who benefited from this idea ranging from an entry-level to the top-tier position both private and governmental organizations. Eventually, I wish this idea also could be evaluated and swelled outside Hong Kong as well.


October 29, 2021 08:20

I think it\'s a really innovative and groundbreaking idea! Especially the fact that the app makes it so convenient for businesses to browse nearby collectors and educates them about good recycling practices will change the attitude people have toward recycling and waste management. The app will definitely make waste management much easier and more efficient!

October 28, 2021 16:35

Great Idea! this kind of an app is much needed in the current climate where cities are struggling to manage the ever increasing waste problem and the landfills are bursting at their seams. I also like the fact that it will collect data which will help the businesses monitor their waste better.

Jess Lam

October 27, 2021 13:56

Excited for this project! As someone who's grown up in Hong Kong, we definitely do not have a culture of recycling. I've also noticed a lot more single-use items in circulation since the beginning of the pandemic, so hopefully something like this will prevent all of that from going into landfills.

October 22, 2021 19:38

Starting your business is like planting a sapling. First, you have to invest your time and money. Then, you must take care of it while expecting nothing in return. But when your startup blossoms, it makes all the patience and hard work worthwhil.
Your idea is amazing..