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Dynamic Gig Alliance

Published on September 28, 2021 um 08:44

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The project aims to institute an open and dynamic alliance that would be committed to the long-lasting sustainability of gig economy, guiding it towards legalized and normalized, bridging with multiple industries and channels to advocate long-term vitality and maintain self-reliance, in a bid to strike counter balance with conventional economic model to curb monopoly or duopoly, alleviate widening income gap, foster opportunities, and inspire creation and diversity. The gig employment model is growing widespread among the public, particularly given the pandemic rage. Our project targets at the middle-class individual and families who demand for different income sources, the strong-minded and independent youth who desire to infuse energy into the ambition attainment, the group that share the same spare time, the citizen who spare time to remove pressure and seek leisure. Regarding distinct claims from gig workers, our project would scheme specific module and chief designed to build up an exchange community. Every community would set up the threshold and grading procedures for the gig workers who register for full membership. For instance, to apply for the position of ridesharing service driver, its mandatory to submit related materials to prove drivers skill level, drivers license status, or criminal background. Its critical to supervise the drivers driving hours to fend off fatigue driving, before gig drivers is admitted into the regulatory scope by the U.S. Department of Transportation in the consecutive driving hours limitations imposed on traditional commercial drivers. Meanwhile, the employer would sign authorization agreement with our alliance to pledge equal pay criterion, due subsidy for payment of social security and pension. The project would launch both online service platform and unveil a series of below-the-line activities altogether to roll out the scale of the benefited groups.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The project is coherent to both SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Group and SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities. Through systemic training and extensive community-led activities intended to enhance basic professional qualities and team cohesion power, we require the gig workers in our project to become proficient in the technique or craft he would engage in. On the basis of win-win goals, we request the employer in our project to provide decent pay, sign up lawful labor contract with gig worker, and extend basic health and safety net. We strive to remove all barriers between the two parties in order to they could find the matched one and build up productive and sustainable cooperation. The gig economy is advantaged with flexibility, independence and diversity. In response to the smart life created by the AI technology evolution, the gig economy has sprouted and scaled up, since its exactly in line with the idea that pursues enthusiastic and creative mind, advocating self-awareness and independent thinking. To shape the gig economy heading for win-win orientation, our project tends to balance its advantages and disadvantages, develop the gig business exchange and cooperation platform to boost economic growth. In the meantime, the gig economy is also reproducing new and varied interpersonal inequality structured by gender, region, race and class. Typically in the pandemic lockdown, driving and delivery gig work is increasingly done by immigrants and people of color, who are generally regarded less isolated, taking it for grant that they work under dangerous conditions, exposed to ferocious virus, bellicose customers and minimum wages. Our project world reduce the inequalities occurring to gig workers in all regards to advocate normalized procedure throughout recruitment and service length.

Sustainability and future plans

Finding In the start-up phase, every gig worker is planned to collect 1 dollars to join in intention community, who would assign one consultant, devise the training and planning portfolio. The employer would be deducted a ratio of commission. Both parties, the gig worker and the employer would comply with the credit grading system designed to monitor all activities of the party in our project and taken as reference for any bonus and cooperation events in our project. Partnership To establish broad channel to connect gig workers and intention business, our project would develop deep partners particularly focused on small and medium-sized business, which foster change and adhere to the integrity and authorization regulations of our project. In the meantime, our project would host regular exchange study activities, professional contests, eligibility exams, and seminars to promote the influence of our project. Operating Goals Our project aspire to hunt for an official place for gig workers in the registration booklet of the Department of Labor. If so, their employers would afford income tax and social security taxes from their paychecks. As a result, gig workers would exempt from paying quarterly estimated tax to the IRS based on what they have earned. Its found that most freelance and gig workers pay from 25% to 30% of each of their paychecks in order to avoid owing taxes at filing time.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Li Yue, 21 yeas old, currently a sophomore student at UCI. When I worked on the impact of AI technologies on the digital economy, the concept of gig economy came to my vision and attracted my concern. With more involvement, I grew more interested in the emerging trend. Three classmates joined in my probing soon, when I displayed to them the astonishing statistics and stark working conditions of the group.

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