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Smart Health Menu

Published on September 29, 2021 um 09:06

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Smart health menu, an intelligent application is designed to recognize the targeted object, work out ideal receipt, post and share everyday upward behaviors, which would be recorded and rewarded with seeds of vegetables and fruits. The upward behavior model would introduce animation, figure portrayal decoration and creative writing, etc. modern and prevailing elements to increase artistic beauty, use experience and expand modern youngster into our targeted green consumers. The rewarded virtue dietary materials would be converted to physical goods in the kaleyard and orchard in our project, once they grow full-fledged. In one word, we aspire to bring out a range of digital platforms to fuel up green consumption and absorb capital venture toward commercial plantation, and benefit the citizen to shape green and healthy dietary habit and lead modern citizen back to natural and organic living style . In the meantime, the application would update related tips and reviews on health care to help users grow literate to rely on natural materials and regular habit to elevate our own physical quality, since the key implication of tech innovation is to have human more responsible to our own health and vital signs. The project upholds the idea that technology innovation creates easy, smart and healthy life. The app is the preliminary intermediary our project plans to push out in a to kill off our pursuit of green and healthy lifestyle. The recognition function actually would play the critical and indispensable places of both the encyclopedia and health physician, guiding the user learn how to plan daily diet, select organic materials, prescribe dietary pharmacy, and manage our own health.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The project would bring on impact on the sustainable goal 3: Good Health and Well-being. The project is expected to correct many misleading perception on healthy diet, particularly get rid of the intensive dependence on food with high content of carbohydrate, which has been affirmed to be the indirect or direct inducement to different diseases, lowering the immune system and hampering the vision. On the basis a range of measurements, the health application would customize dietary receipt of the whole day. In response to different physical conditions, the app would extend suggestion and supervise your execution extent round the clock. The project would disrupt many stereotypical thinking and habits of users. Generally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 10 percent to 35 percent of your daily calories come from protein, which is about 46 grams of protein for adult women and 56 grams for adult men. So when its translated in terms of food, drink an 8-ounce glass of milk, and youll log 8 grams of protein. The health menu App would attempt to translate the users health indicators into tangible diet and behavior recording. Then the users feedback would be evaluated by portrayal and tongue shots and behavior scripts. By extracting picture details and analyzing parameters from information like the complexion, skin status, tongue-coating, hair conditions, and temperature, amounts of vital signs, the digital App carry out real-time tracking of the users health status.

Sustainability and future plans

To push out the new digital app, the decisive marketing strategy lies in the pre-warming period. Launching massive soft advertising through varied port websites, social media and internet celebrities to appeal to public concern and inclination to our concept of smart and healthy life, creating a great deal of discussion and topics in the digital world and leaving it ripple through the physical living and working situations. Then I plan to specify the advantages of the digital app in the regard of health building to the group that has concerned on our concepts and topics, such as healthy diet, smart life, organic food, etc. Finally, all the views, searches and visits would be channeled toward the app. As to the financing and profit model, our digital app is to claim commission and bonus to the third party rather than the user. Ali Baba would be our first major partner and investor to sustain the app service. The health industry is the second major payer of our app service in the form of authorization charge. The joint cooperation of third service, including health consultation, trading and VIP knit would be the third major revenue sources, given more and more societal life and business is migrated to the digital platform threatened by the pandemic .

Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is QU Ziqi, a high school student from China. I have been passionate on the subject that revamps robotics for the purpose of the daily use and introduce AI innovation into my life. The magic target identification inspired me firstly to know intensively about the technology, which can be approached by direct biochemical methods, genetic interactions or computational inference. Then I found image recognition technology, assisted with machine learning, has been applied in several fields, such as self-driving vehicles, automated image organization of visual websites, and face identification, by scanning, capturing and analyzing the picture of the target through the smart phone-based camera and powered by the designed algorithm model. The recognition technique embraces a set of complicate model assignment and database retrieval procedures ranging from the online tasks of extracting the details and retrieving characteristics from the picture, to the ready database setup and storing. Next I determined to apply the automatic recognition tech into health enhancement and well-being building. The astonishing toll incurred by the pandemic has justified to us how crucial the immune ability, i.e. basic health quality is to us, convinced human being of the key to daily health care. Particularly in recent years, increasingly diseases begun to caught youngsters, ranging from obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, to stroke and hypertention. And its easy to notice that all these disease are highly related to improper diet and living habit and misleading perception on nutrition. If it couldnt be corrected and reversed in time, the toll would manifold rapidly like a snowball.

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