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sustain credits

Published on September 30, 2021 um 17:36

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Sustain credits is a company designed to develop and reward individuals & groups, through its sustain credits for actions carried out with the purpose of recovering and regenerating natural areas, whether urban or rural. Acting directly with the final link in the chain (the individuals responsible for environmental restoration actions), sustain credits has high efficiency in the direct application of resources in actions and places where they are indeed needed. Focusing on the local work of individuals and communities concerned with the quality of the environment in which they live, our actions result in greater local engagement leading to effective long-term results in the recovery of environmental quality. Through the possibility of monetizing the credits obtained, it also contributes socially to improving the quality of life of the individuals involved, resulting in greater benefits and engagement of the target audience. Acting with diversified actions on various fronts such as forest restoration, urban area restoration, beach and public areas cleaning, we have a large capillarity and direct penetration with the environmentally engaged public willing to carry out actions for the regeneration of the environment in which they live. The reward system is designed to stimulate and expand the grassroots actions, and actors, for ecosystem healing, providing financial support for earth doctors, credits receivers, as well ESG validation for corporation sponsors. Unlike traditional environmental charities, 80% of all financial support received goes straight to the point of need, the individual doing the action at his community, while 20% goes for sustain credits administrative, personel and project management functions. Sustain credits is an initiative of Maitri Artha Shastra Limited which is a company registered in the United Kingdom.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

achievements: - connected with earth doctors from over 50 countries so far and issued over 24,000 sustain credits up to now. - to 10 countries for earning credits - India 9447.5 - UK 5190.0 - Sierra Leone 2952.0 - Hong Kong 1278.4 - Ethiopia 1270.0 - Cameroon 820.0 - Netherlands 583.5 - Tanzania 580.0 - Indonesia 527.0 - USA 359.0 KPIs: - number of earth doctors - quantity and quality of proof of work for each key type of work - maintenance of 80:20 ratio of reward to earth doctors vs expenses, systems and expansion - transparency of financial records

Sustainability and future plans

1. economic engine via e-commerce platform - open to commercial activity in line with our values: - science with wisdom - loving kindness - thriving economy - business models - b2b - b2c - c2c - income generated backs sustain credits - 80% to reward earth doctors - 20% for expenses, systems and expansion - profit - key examples - earth right media library: focusing on conceptual copyright of actual nature healing work and media, stock media website, digital collectible / NFT can be gifted - e-commerce marketplace for sustainable products where sustain credits can be spent and profits go to funding sustain credits 2. certification: tiered earth sponsor badge (gold, silver, bronze) ETA 2022 a guide to the responsible shopper that calculates the hidden costs normally passed on to the public to be offset via ESG commitments - annual license per pledge - per employee e.g. £10 per month - percentage of revenue e.g. 1% - per unit sold e.g. $0.01 per drink bottle - full access to sustain credits media library of work done - can be used for product marketing but NOT greenwashing 3. founder badge - limited edition collectible - only 1000 available - min £1000 - can be sold to a third party - permanently listed on website, sorted by total pledge / gross profit - includes complimentary 1 year license for earth sponsor badge

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Having lived in Canada, Sri Lanka, and Japan, I am familiar with a multitude of cultures and social groups, and the factors involved in addressing rapid changes, which arise from globalization in the 21st century. As a 29-year old Business & IT consultant, my career has allowed me to gain valuable experience and insights into working with individuals of different backgrounds & cultures setting up and managing the operational, tactical, and strategic aspects of an offshore software & hardware development company from the ground up handling clients and 100k+ USD projects remotely since graduating with an International Baccalaureate Diploma in 2010. Furthermore, having completed the MBA program at the University of Wolverhampton in July 2020, I have been able to reinforce the above with extensive theoretical knowledge in offshore software & hardware development startups, along with key areas such as strategic management operations sustainability marketing human resources finance project management Considering the rapid changes in the global economic, technological, and natural environment, I wish to utilize the experience and knowledge gained so far for the greater good and sustainably manage IT operations within businesses by enhancing core operations developing innovative solutions fostering success

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