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Smart City Solutions to Aging Population

Published on September 29, 2021 um 10:30

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In face of rising challenge from the pressure and depletion stemmed from aging population, its emergent to marshal the entire city universally, overhaul the infrastructure and have all sectors and elements of the city connected and coordinated efficiently. The most ideal goal of the smart city is to deliver the elder make a decent, fulfilled and independent living at their own home, maintain standard wellness index and strong sense of happiness by the assistance of the smart facilities. AIoT, the combination of artificial intelligence and IoT, is the key solution of our project. Through the joint operating of smarting aging care panel, IoT hardware and AI algorithm, it completes real-time tracking and concern on the elders physical status round the clock. Particularly at night, the intensive care model will be activated to avoid urgent situations. Smart mattress and health wrist trap, these hardware will be responsible to long-cycle monitor of the elders sleeping status and conduct dynamic perception and recording. Finally the AI algorithm panel will conclude the evaluation report on the elders physical condition. The AIoT solution is more applicable to the rest home.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The project will comply with the sustainable development Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. The smart city solutions will remove all sorts of barriers from the vulnerable. Our project will demonstrate how the technology transmits warmth to the extremity. We will design varied and sound programs to improve the living experience of the smart community, including intelligent share parking plot, smart environment monitor, family carbon emission recording, body building tracking and recycled garbage credit exchange, etc., which altogether will work for the creation of the harmonious, sharing, green and human-care community life. Good health and well being is the second sustainable goal of the smart city solutions. The city is built to serve for the citizen. The big data analysis and multitudes of sensors installed at the public situations will help figure out the living-alone elders health status through their frequency of walking-out and sound the warning to the community chief. Under 5G situation, the community service platform, the health monitor panel and the elders kids will receive synchronous information and take actions instantaneously. Every elder will be registered with one identity account, connected with matched health sensors to conduct data collection and analysis.

Sustainability and future plans

The world is aging. By 2030, that total population over 65 is projected to increase to 1 billion, equivalent to the ratio of one in every eight of the global citizen. Significantly, the rapidest increases in the 65-and-older population will take place in Asian with up 140 percent by 2030. Our project will initiate a range of programs based on the AIoT solution to remove the elders sense of solitude and social isolation. More wearable and intelligent application will be developed to track the users health and whereabouts. the remote consultation and supervision are advocated to help the elder and the group in need. To ensure roll-out and full implementation of the project, our project will appeal for the support of the government. Then according to involved party of a solution, our project will attempt to fetch contact and establish cooperation of the involved parties to execute the solution. For instance, we plan to install the intelligent sensor to the signal light. If it works, when the elder or the disabled pedestrian pass the crossroad, the wrist trap will transmit mandate to the intelligent light, and then the light will leave more time for the pedestrian to pass the crossroad. The solution will demand the coordination of the transportation department, the tech company and the manufacturers. The funding will consists of three parts: sponsorship from the urban planning administration and the architecture design officers; the commission paid by the tech companies and manufactures who apply our solution and launch it into the market; and the patent and copyright charges. The smart city solutions are targeted to curtail the green gas and unrecyclable garbage by 10-20%; slash the citizens commuting time by 15%-20%; curb the criminal rate by 30-40%. Taking the citizen as the core, our project is dedicated to technology-based warm community.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Gan Yuhan. Im 16 years old from China. The digital shift is swaying all corners of every city. Every business and social activity tends to grow digital, which elevates efficiency and brings benefits to both business and the customers. However I found my grandpa grew more and more depressed and alienated in face of the fast growing era. The elder mustnt be left behind, when we pursue speed and result. They ought to take the priority to enjoy the benefits of the digital shift. As Professor Lizabeth Burton from the University of Warwick, specialized in sustainable architecture design and welfare, stated that with aging rising and mobility lowering, people may lose driving capacity, their world dwindles. They prefer to living in well-equipped places. Without any hesitation, I unfolded the subject and began to look up an ocean of materials around the smart city resolutions. Its extremely necessary to reshape the city and provide inclusive and resilient service procedure for the elder, whose vision is too limited to applying smart phone. And their stride speed is not enough to cross the green light. They lack the know-how to make the digital payment. Along with rapid technology evolution, growing barriers have caught the elders. My project will work out the respondent solutions one by one.

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