Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Stage of Idea planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

On 10th January 2019, another facet in Safaricom wallet was launched. This facet dubbed fuliza. Has seen approximately 58% realization of M-PESA transaction. Even though, Customers of Safaricom Company are still left with unanswered questions in the event of mobile theft or misplacement of the cards. They are forced to go through the bottleneck processes to renew their lines or even buy the next gadgets. What if the only cash you had was in the misplaced phone? WHATS THE SOLUTION? CHUKUA.-This upcoming service is to allow clients who have no access to their lines or cellphones to withdraw cash just by dialing ascertain secret digits. For example *1924231232998388#(NOT RANDOM NUMBERS) Other Chukua Services: it allows you to make payments with or without your m-pesa line. HOW SAFE IS THIS SERVICE? For a client to access the Chukua accounts, the knowledge their M-pesa password, and exact wallet balance is required. Without this NO TRANSACTION SHOULD BE REALIZED EVEN WITH ANY ATTEMPT.. . Chukua services to be provided by the M-pesa shop operators/chukua pesa biometric ATMS Booth This is the only sure way to help a genuine client; theyll get a chance to match the clients face with the registered Chukua services face recognition/Biometric (finger scanner). Or a memory password of an iconic event, or a place and a unique name that they remember. NOTE!!! Mpesa Operators Cannot see your information, only facial match. Or Else use the self-service option of chukua pesa booth, an (ATM-Like structure)

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable:- Due to the high concentration of people, infrastructures, housing and economic activities, cities are particularly vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters and there is another sickness of smart phone crimes. We cannot have sustainable communities and cities when acts of crime send chills of devastation and vulnerability in our day to day activities. Online wallet has kept thieves at bay; its currently difficult to get people with hard cash very nice! But it hurts more to lose your bank in the middle of nowhere, and then boom the need to access money for use arrivesChukua money transfer gives you the ability to access your cash even when the bank has been taken away from you. Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure;- People need privacy. With the pace of technology advancement, Its time to shun the idea of registering or recording our details on pieces of papers like we currently do with M-PESA, there are no privacy on piece of papers, more over the papers liter our environment. With Chukua we introduce a self-service, Chukua pesa booths that can be accessed 24/7 just like ATMs. Chukua is a bold move that will change the face of financial service industry as we move things digitally in a manner that enhances data privacy and protection. This service will also improve infrastructure of some geographical areas. Electricity and roads especially in remote rural areas, will create more employment opportunities and societal development.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Chukua -Pesa; presents a super sim card that acts as a pool of individuals sim cards assimilating created accounts for every individuals enjoying the benefits of mobile money transfer. These registered accounts (sim cards) will have individuals details i.e. ID NO. etc., so that the clients wont need to worry more about carrying the IDs, instead theyll just need to confirm details. Target market:- According to statistics dated 8th Sep 2021,M-pesa the largest provider of money transfer services in Africa boasted of a base of 51million clients enjoying the mobile money transfer. Chukua- pesa aims at giving a backup plan to these clients by introducing an external Cloud super sim card account that comes in handy even when they cannot use their mobile phones to perform required transaction. How we make money. Every client in the over 50millions of those enjoying mpesa services will enjoy the easy free registration to create an emergency account with chukua pesa backup plan. We will charge an interest rate of 10% of transaction (ksh.0-ksh.5000) and 4% interest rate of transactions above (ksh.5000). Financing source and collaborators;- To implement this project, I rely on personal savings, donations from friends and family, I have a major plan to collaborate with Safaricom M-pesa Company as they are the main dominant of the mobile money transfer market in Africa. Our Major competitors could be banks and specifically ATM machines but may not be very efficient and fast compared to Chukua pesa booth.

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Your profile

MICHAEL AWITI Changemaker, entrepreneur, a youth leader. Contacts: [email protected] +254745140409/+254787384725. Professional profile. With over 5years experience in community engagement and communication, I have hands on experience in developing and implementation of various youth leadership projects including youth health programs among other change making initiatives, and entrepreneurial projects. In the bid to maintain a voice for youths in various development forums, Im among the five Kenyan youths the champions World Banks blog4dev 2019/2020.presenting an award winning article with designed plans that cut across societal cultural diversity on the effective ways to help end child bride menaces. EXPERIENCE. PRESTOPAP LTD Customers support officer &Team leader.-2021 to date. In my position am responsible for training team members, fashion or design strategy and monitoring Progress towards goals. As a Cs team leader I have amassed substantial knowledge and experience in matters CX,supporting clients with varying support queries about our three products . I take part in coaching and training Cs agents to meet their professional set targets. Room B Universe Enterprise.-2021. Position-Founder and the CEO. On the forefront of the online property market platform that acts as a feed to the property markets as well as the B2B. Room B universe is a mark of quality, with a primary focus of making it easy and Comfortable to an World Bank2019/2020 Position. Blogs for development champion. Roles and Responsibilities. Share change making story. Formulate ways to help solve the most daring societal vices in matters gender and equal chances for both ladies and gentlemen. To design plans and engage youths in ways that only steer community development. Dope Media Company2019 to present. Position. Co-founder. EDUCATION Mahanaim College/Good News Broadcasting service-2015-2017 Position; Student/News Reporter/Camera operator

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I would like to know a little more about the initiative of your idea and cooperate with you in its development. It has caught my attention.

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July 19, 2022 12:37

Yeah this is the problem that I have faced for several times
The innovative solution that you are discussing had potentiality
But there is one doubt for me whether it will have huge market size or not
Kindly help me so that I could make an better impact on society
How can we takle this
Kindly vote for my Idea also
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