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Poultry farming

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

The main objectives of my poultry farming are: 1. Given me the opportunity to create jobs and build financial freedom. 2. Providing a source of income for me by selling chicken meat and eggs in the market. 3. Given me the opportunity to produce hygiene poultry products like chicken meat and eggs. The activities to carry out in my poultry farming are classified into three categories such as daily, weekly and monthly routine. The daily activity: 1. Ensuring that clean water is provided to the birds in the right container daily to improve production performance. The weekly activity: 1. Ensuring that the droppings are removed every week no matter the caging system; so as to avoid any related disease in the farm. By so doing, it will help to improve poultry production performance. The monthly routine: 1. Ensuring that the birds are well vaccinated from first to third day every month by administering them with antibiotic. The innovative approach: 1. Provision of 3D Camera technology for high precision to capture both the shape and volume of the birds in which it can record even in the dark with its internal IR light source. The camera will be capable to weigh all the birds below its field of view.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

I will start with 5000 chicks and build up from there. I will be rearing both broiler and layer chickens. Broiler old day chick can be matured and marketable from 6 to 8 weeks of age, while layer chickens will start laying eggs from 18 to 22 weeks. Intensive feeding will be maintained for optimal growth and boost eggs production. I will be selling chicken meat and egg products to 500 customers yearly. It will be of high quality standard and available to meet expected demand from our numerous customers. It will be well package and delivered to our target market which include: household consumers, low income earners, eateries, hotels and general market through a unique distribution network. Also, the following measures below will be put into consideration: 1. Overhead cost per broiler 2. Vaccination cost 3. Both broiler and layer feeds cost per day 4. Average selling price/kg 5. Manpower cost 6. Breeder sales realization 7. Transportation cost 8. Profitability 9. Budget variance 10. Hatching time ratio 11. Strategic planning demand forecast 12. Quality return 13. Mortality category wise 14. Egg conversion to female chicks 15. Processing cost. After carrying out my feasibility study, I discovered that the steps I have taken so far will enable me to achieve success in the business. This is why I intend to run poultry farming.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: I will establish poultry farming in Suleja, Niger state. My primary focus is rearing of broiler chickens and eggs production. I will employ experience persons who had worked in the poultry industry. BUSINESS NAME: KS GODS VENTURES. KS Gods Ventures is planning to setup poultry farming in order to provide quality and affordable poultry products to millions of Nigerians. This can be achieved through a unique distribution network. PROBLEM ABOUT MY BUSINESS: The problem my business will solve are to identify low income earners who only eat chickens meat/eggs on special occasions like Christmas, birthday, etc; and poor quality of poultry products. SOLUTION ABOUT MY BUSINESS: To eliminate the middlemen distribution by supplying directly to the consumers through the use of e-commerce and community peer sales outlet; reducing the cost of raising poultry by using new feeding methods, practices and feed materials. TARGET MARKET: We are targeting the following below to market our chickens and eggs to: Households, Individuals, Low income earners, Restaurants, Fast food eateries, Agriculture merchants. KS Gods Ventures intends to raise 10,000,000 which would be spent below: Processing Equipment and Machinery-5,000,000 Staff and Personnel-1,500,000 Birds-1,500,000 Feeding material-2,000,000 SALES CHANNELS: The sales channels to deliver our poultry products to prospective customers are stated below: Establishment of farm sale shops Provision of online platform: This is where customers can place order and it will be delivered to their doorsteps. MARKETING ACTIVITIES: Radio advert, Google ad word campaign, Products flyers and banners, Face book marketing campaign, Twitter promotion. FINANCIAL FORECAST: 1st Fiscal Year-15,000,000 2nd Fiscal Year-18,000,000 3rd Fiscal Year-25,000,000 Team and Key roles: Managing Director: Controlling the farm activities. Manager: Supervising the sorting of the birds, etc. Sales representative: Marketing the products to our esteem customers. Labourers: Cleaning and feeding the birds. PARTNERS: I intend partner with Finity Farm in Suleja, Niger state for financial support and assistance.

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Your profile

I am 36 years of age, a native of Auchi in Edo state, Nigeria. I equally attended Uluoke Secondary School from 1996 to 2002. Thereafter, I gained admission into Federal Polytechnic Auchi where I studied Mass communication, and graduated in 2008. I was trained as an SAP consultant in financial accounting by Alok Consulting Option Limited in 2004, and deployed to Petroleum Products Marketing Company (PPMC) at Suleja Depot in Niger state. During the period I spent working in Petroleum Products Marketing Company (PPMC), a subsidiary of NNPC from 2014 to 2020, I was able to impact System Application Products in data processing (SAP) knowledge to the end users staff in Accounts, Sales and Operation Departments. As a young man who has passion in poultry farming, I decided to apply for this great opportunity in order to fulfill my dream and become a successful entrepreneur in future. This is why I am excited to be part of this project to enable me raise fund and setup poultry farming in Suleja, Niger state. I am being motivated to go into poultry farming in order to meet the needs of others and equally solve their problems. My vision is to be among the top poultry producer in Nigeria in 2030. My mission is to improve on the existing quality of poultry products. This will afford me the opportunity to create jobs and eliminate poverty. However, learning new things and working together as team member has really helped me to achieve positive result in the work place. It also helped me to improve in my skills. I have been able to gain more knowledge and experience on the job. Being resilient, focus, determine, hardworking and putting in more effort have propel me to attained success and recognition as an SAP consultant in PPMC.

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June 8, 2022 09:18

Your idea is a good one because it will create jobs opportunities to the unemployed youths by taking them away from street and become useful in the society. It will also contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria economy by paying tax to the government. This initiative is a welcome development. May it scale through by His grace.

May 16, 2022 11:31

Poultry farming is really a good source of income and with the size you are projecting, you will be able to provide income for others as well.
Since egg is rich in protein and many other body needed nutrients, your project will support good health as well.

May 16, 2022 09:26

It is a very interesting project. Africa needsneeds to be food self- sufficient. Africa needs people like you. Farming is a weapon against hunger. May this project be crowned with success.