Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Quality Education

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

To be able to get a quality education there things to put into consideration such as how to achieve it? Quality Education is achieved by 3 main pillars (1) Availability to qualified teachers:A qualified teacher is commonly defined as a teacher who has at least the minimum academic qualifications required for teaching subjects at the relevant level in a given country.Since learning is just not limited to knowledge acquisition,for effective learning to occur ,learners need to be equipped with appropriate skills,which means they need to know how to learn order to be fully successful. (2)The utilization of quality learning resources and professional development: Professional learning resources are the Vario means and supports needed to enhance the growth of educators and academic and non-academic growths of students.Resources includes funding,people,time, technology and materials.The primary goal for professional learning is to promote enhancements in educator practice which ,in turn,advance student outcomes. (3)Creation of safe and supportive learning environments:It is important to foster a learning environment in which students feel safe, relaxed,and willing to take risks, especially for learners who may have had negative experiences in traditional classroom environment.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Quality Education provides a foundation for developments,the ground work on which most of our economic and social well being is built. It is the key to increasing economic efficiency and a social consistency,by increasing the value and efficiency of their Labor,it helps to raise the poor from poverty.Countries today compete on literacy rates which ultimately leads to higher economic growth and economic development.Education has great potential to change the world when a society is educated,there is a great allocative productive efficiency with rapid rates of development.The education effect serves as a solution to an ever changing educational landscape by utilizing the knowledge of students,teachers,families and communities to provide an opportunity to educate,empower and exchange ideas,assist people to understand problems and become assets for change.Education is a powerful agent of change and improves health and livelihoods,contributes to social stability and drives long-term economic growth.By investing in high quality education,each individual child can be given the opportunity to learn and develop.Education is a never ending process,it benefits the society by helping to increase economic growth,reducing poverty,reducing crimes,increasing employment etc and also helps the individual to earn higher income and thereafter improves the latter's living standard.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

High quality implementation of educational approaches can have a significant impact on improving students outcome,here are some policy makers that can improve the quality of education. Acknowledge and address overcrowding: Overcrowded classrooms,time and again have been shown to be less effective.Teachers are spread thin,students don't get attention or personalization they require.Students lose interest which plants the seeds for dropping out.Teacgers and students feel increased stress,this can be avoided by drafting master plans that refuse to tolerate even slight overcrowding.This process must not be ongoing,and mantainance will be necessary as new housing developments can force shifts in school capacities. Make funding schools a priority:Policy makers should focus not only on funding on building new schools and improving older buildings but also on increasing funding for teachers, particularly in low-income areas.Since many teachers choose to work in affluent areas because of potential for better pay or working conditions,the quality of teaching in poorer schools can suffer. If policy makers and school officials can work together and attract and retain teachers at such schools,students with greater educational needs will benefit from improved teaching quality. Raise standards for teachers: Studies have found not at all surprisingly that underqualified teachers are tied to poor outcome for students This is one of the most straight forward areas where policy makers can have an impact.They must clarify standards for teachers seeking licenses and raise standards in areas were student outcomes are lowest. Put classroom-running and curriculum curriculum decisions in the hands of the community: In recent times the education system has moved away from teachers and local board in terms of who makes decisions that affect classroom and curricular.Policy makers who are aware of this pattern can push for a move away from standardized control and toward community -based mechanisms,such community-elected school boards,that have the power n authority to make decisions.

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Your profile

My name is Elizabeth Jarra,a 34yr old Gambian,married with 4 beautiful daughters.I am a junior secondary school dropout due to financial constraints,I came from a large family so it was a bit difficult to get is all educated.I am a stay-at-home mom but that has not stopped me from doing my petty trade which I engage in online,though I still dream to own a shop/business of my own so I will be able to make more sales to enable me enroll back in school and further my education.I am working on getting recognized and also get successful with the business plans I kids have motivated me to not just sit at home and be a full time house wife but to do something meaningful with my life so I will be able to support them through school financially and also I learnt that it is of utmost importance for a woman to either work or do business to be financially independent,I say this because lack of finances has made me go through a lot in life,I have missed a lot of chances to be well educated,missed good business opportunities because of finances and now I know I must be earning so my kids do not go the same path I followed.all my life I wanted to be a journalist but I was not fortunate enough to finish my education,I found myself working as a maid(domestic help)from there to a sales girl and lastly at a saloon were I learnt how to make hairs,fix nails,lashes etc.i do go to some people's home to do their hair and get paid,all I need is a good funding to pursue my dream and make a reality.i chose Quality Education as my idea because I could have achieved a lot if I was educated.

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October 17, 2022 16:07

Nice project, i hope you will be given enough support to bring up your idea, knowing that education is the key for success and weapon that kill poverty. If every child attend school, it will go a long way in addressing inequality in education.

I would have commented early since the deadline had passed. Congratulations.