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Water Sanitation

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

Societies are facing problems from contaminated drinking water.This in turn caused deaths of people in Africa and here in Zimbabwe, Ministry of health and child care of Zimbabwe confirmed over 4000 death cases due to cholera outbreak in 2008 and 2018.Therefore, I came up with a solution of purifying water on its sources using chlorine gas.Chlorine gas kills the bacteria that causes waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid and it provides a strong residual effect as it prevents contamination from the water pipes as recommended by World Health Organization. In doing so,I thought of developing a portable water purifying machine which I will call purity.It will be inserted in the water tanks near the water sources,systematically tasting water turbidity,temperature and pH value,inserting adequate doses of chloring gas as recommended by World Health Organization, using solar energy in order to provide safe drinking water.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Clean Water and Sanitation is on Sustainable development 6 under United Nations goals. It is to the general knoledge of everyone that safe clean drinking water is necessary.We need it everyday to live,but the question however is,how many people are using ground water?Is it really safe and clean?Through my technology,we expect that every individual of all ages in good,better and impoverished communities will have access to clean safe water and live a healthy lifestyle everyday through a culture of drinking safe water. Moreover, as people,communities,organizations and institutions will adapt to my technology of purifying water on sources such as wells and boreholes through the use of a systematic portable water purifying machine which will use solar energy as the first preference to in dose chlorine gas that kills the bacteria that causes water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid which causes human death and has a strong residual effect that prevents after water contamination from pipes and tanks,obviously we will measure our success by recording the number of families, organizations and Institutions using this technology and have access to safe clean drinking water each year. This will have a vital impact on people and their health, hence a better standard of living.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

We have three distinct products such as Purity machine,Chlorine gas and Full installation which is both a product and service. These products have different pricing structures as per our estimates following cost of production. Full installation is our main product which will cost $1 500(USD) because we will provide installation of the mchine and all equipments needed such as solar panels,batteries, pipes,water pumps,water tanks etc as to provide safe clean drinking water.Purity Machine will cost $5 00(USD)/Unit and Chlorine gas will cost $4(USD)/kg.This will enable us to generate more revenue through sales and providing services of our products. Furthermore, this idea has a long term plan as it will venture into many water innovations. Regardless of providing my technology only,we will venture into providing purified Still,Infused(infusion of natural healthy fruits in water) and Glucosed(for sporting activities) bottled water,boreholes and wells drilling and installation and sell water purifying machines and chemicals in order to sustain the business and provide safe clean drinking water to people everyday. In addition, since we are not operating because we are looking for funding from funds organizations and Investors, we currently have no other persons or organizations we are working with. However, we have plans to collaborate with other entities such as Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) and Municipalities as to bring aid in providing safe clean drinking water to their clients as to bring my technology on their taps. This is so as the water from these authorities is not 100% safe for drinking because usually it mixes with bursted sewer pipes which contaminants drinking water. More so, we plan to collaborate with Funeral and Event planners organizations so that we will be providing our safe clean water on their events as to sustain the idea and providing safe drinking water

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Your profile

I am Nigel Munashe Zvidzayi aged 24 from Zimbabwe.Was born in Harare the Capital City but finished my High School education in Marondera City.I am now currently a food Science at Kushinga Phikhelela College in Marondera doing my National Diploma.I was motivated by the 2018 Cholera outbreak we experienced in Zimbabwe.Honestly that time I was still an upper 6 Student and was the soccer captain there.We could not proceed to go for zonal,district,provincial and national soccer competitions because of the 2018 Cholera pandemic in Zimbabwe.Looking at that problem and doing some researches,I discovered that since 1971 Zimbabwe we always record cholera outbreaks from contaminated water from contaminated water sources and to aggravate the cholera outbreak in 2008 and 2009 in Zimbabwe was one of the largest outbreaks in Africa.Looking at other African countries, I could see that safe clean water crises in my country and Africa is so huge so I was motivated to think of my idea that will purify drinking water at sources at homes and everywhere. In support of the above statement, I am capable of handling and manage the idea because I am an innovative person naturally, I can work under pressure, I can work with people,I have leadership skills as even during highschool I was a prefect , a soccer captain and the National Blood Services in Zimbabwe (NBSZ) peer promoter.To add, I like to solve problems and help people that is why my idea is there to help everyone everywhere by making water safe,clean and easily accessible everyday. I also worked at LincWill technologies in 2019 as a sales representation so I gained marketing and sales strategies,good communication skills and business ideologies. Besides I also do poetry and tomato farming though at a small scale.This concludes that naturally I am an Entrepreneur.

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