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Carbon Emission Monitoring Combined with Sports APP

Stage of Idea planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

The global sports industry is worth $620 billion at the present day with growth faster than the global GDP. IPCC reported that sports-related carbon emission and other greenhouse emissions are the largest forcing factor in climate change by far. Our mission is to provide a portable, more eco and user-friendly device to monitor the carbon intake and emission of athlete connecting with cellphone app during their daily life, particularly in the transportation to the stadium for the sports events. We are aiming to achieve carbon neutralization through carbon emission monitor and carbon trade among those carbon emissions at various level, and promote sustainable sports development and environment protection. The product is composed of light source, sample cell, optical filters and detector. The core materials are the two optical filters mounted on the detector surface. One filter is called measurement filter, chosen to pass the infrared light specific to carbon dioxide (CO2), the second filter is called reference filter. Different gas molecules have individual unique absorption wavelength by the two optical filters, enabling the exact measurement of CO2 content. Our product detects the breath carbon emission and simultaneously detects the carbon released by sweat from skin. The readout derived from detector will be connected to the cellphone app. The target consumers are professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. We expect to collect the big data of carbon intake and emission of athletes across multiple sports and sports enthusiasts as well. We plan to sell the big data to the United Nations and relative agencies to make helpful strategies to carbon reduction and environment protection.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Global market has been paying more attention on decarbonization since Paris Agreement 2015, BHP, a leading global resources company announced their intention in 2019 to invest US$400 million over five years on low carbon emission technologies and natural climate solutions. Their initial investment will focus on emerging technologies with the potential to be scaled for widespread use. Behind BHP, Rio Tinto plan to invest US$1 billion on climate change project. At present, some app available on the market tracking individual carbon footprint and watch the mark on the planet, brands like MyEarth, Earth Hero and My Pawprint etc. Generally, when starting the app, it requires users to answer some simple questions and then input personal information like age, sex, education, food intake, lifestyle and other factors, thereafter these app calculate your carbon emission. However, they do not truly reflect the carbon level of the athlete whose metabolism and physical condition and life style are different. Unlike others, our product will be the first on the market to detect the exact level of carbon emission instead of calculation. It is much accurate and truly reflect the individuals carbon emission level. Unlike others, our product will be the first on the market to detect the exact level of carbon emission instead of calculation. It is much accurate and truly reflect the individuals carbon emission level.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our company mainly adopt a brand ambassador model. People from all over the world can join and become ambassadors. In addition, we will set up a rigorous training program to teach the ambassadors how to best represent our company and serve our customers. In this way, we can reduce overhead costs such as costs associated with brick-and-mortar locations and other transactions, allow the involvement of the global community to foster much more future opportunities, and open product information resources for transparency. In the early stage of marketing, we will provide free products for the NFL athletes in exchange for product reviews and promoting links to purchase the product. This will lay the foundation for the rest of the marketing efforts. The manufacture cost of each product is $115, and the company has spent more than $ 445 on research and pilot study for each. The product will be sold at $335 or higher. The typical sensors cost $ 500-1000 for monitoring the air carbon emission. No similar device to detect the individuals carbon intake and emission on the market. The profit margin is 65%, and the profit would be re-invested in device modification and development. Pricing model will have retail price and ambassador price. The retail price is a uniform national price, and any authorized ambassador or shop cannot sell products at low prices without permission. The ambassador price is the price of the brand ambassador, divided according to the level of the ambassador.

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Your profile

My name is Chengyao Feng. I am a 11th Grade student at Brandeis High School, San Antonio, US. Ever since I was little, I am a big sports fan. I have played football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer. However, due to an unfortunate injury a few years ago, I was unable to do any intense physical activities. But my passion towards sports is carried on as I continue to watch sports games in TV or in person. The athletes spirit of never giving up inspires me to chase my dream bravely. On the other hand, I am always enthusiastic about environmental protection and climate change. Since middle school, I have organized several volunteer activities to improve peoples awareness about climate change and building a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Therefore, I hope to combine sports and climate change together in this project and propose an innovative way to achieve carbon neutralization in sports. In my spare time, I am also actively involved in musical and cultural activities. I have cultivated my presentation and communication skills by hosting and performing in many large gala and art events. I won multiple awards in singing and English presentation at regional and national scale. In addition, my talent in mathematics is recognized as I won the 1st place in Olympic Math-ACSI in California in 2016 and 4th place in 2017. I embrace the power of curiosity and hard work. I believe if I work hard in the area that I am truly interested in, I will have a shining life.

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