Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

ODOAHIA is going to be a very large online marketplace in Africa, facilitating easy buying and selling of primary goods and products; easy advertising of different service oriented businesses; easy dealings with freelancers and freelance agencies and very smooth electronic learning of different gainful entrepreneurial skills. The technology company has five strong arms or pillars namely: ODOAHIA WORK LINK ODOAHIA STORE ODOAHIA SKILLDOM ODOAHIA JOBS ODOAHIA KASHOUT ODOAHIA WORK LINK Different registered and unregistered service oriented businesses (media, education/childcare, performing arts, healthcare, events, food, laundry, beverages, repair and maintenance etc.) in Africa will be advertised on the mobile application so that clients (individuals and enterprises) who need their services can find them and call for dealings or business transactions. A lot of businesses are completely ignored in the marketplace, but considering the entrepreneurial nature of Africans, we will endeavor to connect artisans as well as other service-oriented businesses digitally so that they can generate substantial revenues and profits and more importantly, contribute to the economic growth of the countries wherein they do business. In addition, prospective clients that want to advertise their brands as well as the services they provide on the ODOAHIA WORK LINK platform will have to create accounts/profiles by signing up and registering with a certain amount of money, depending on their sizes. That is to say, micro, small, and medium-sized businesses will register annually in order to become authorized key associates of the technology company. ODOAHIA STORE This is a platform for online trading, specially designed for all the economic participants (micro, small, medium and large scale businesses) in Africa. Our clients or virtual shoppers will have to identify the virtual goods and products they want to buy and order them via the mobile application which can be downloaded on App store or Google play store etc.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The expected impact of the business idea Odoahia precisely on sustainable development are as follow: 1. Stabilize the dwindling economy: One of the arms of the tech company known as Odoahia Skilldom which means an online domain for skills development will increase the skills of the unskilled Active population in Africa. When people are skilled, they contribute to the economic growth of their respective countries. Most of the jobless people today in Africa are unskilled which is why they are unemployable on the labour market. 2. Improve or enhance the traditional method of doing business by artisans in Africa: The number of artisans in Africa increases by leaps and bounds every single day. A large number of artisans are not conversant with peculiar technologies that will help them to ease the stress of doing business with prospective clients. Through Odoahia work link, many artisans will be digitally connected in order to transact business with customers that need their services. 3. Reduce to the barest minimum the level of unemployment amongst the Active population(15-49 years): Aside recruiting people, there is a particular arm of Odoahia which will connect talents with organizations in Africa. It is called Odoahia jobs; a mobile application that will connect freelancers with freelance agencies in Africa. That is to say, through this medium, freelancers will get paid jobs by applying for virtual jobs. By so doing, the rate of unemployment will reduce drastically.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Odoahia is an idea that will be developed and fine-tuned into a prototype which will be tested and tweaked before the commencement of the business. However, in order to effectively implement the business or project idea without a hitch, we plan to apply for grants, venture capital as well as bank loans to put in to the business analysis which includes the following: 1. Requirement gathering 2. Technical analysis 3. Wire framing 4. UI/UX Design 5. Navigation flow and creating a prototype 6. Software Requirement Specification document 7. App development 8. Marketing (publicity & advertising) etc. In addition, we plan for constant growth by putting the part of the profit constantly for future growth and sustainability of the business.

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Your profile

I am Israel Chuks Isaiah, a creative, enterprising and resourceful Nigerian youth. I am a 31 year old dude that has passion for the transformation and success of Africa and Africans. My business idea revolves around Africa at large especially Sub-Saharan African countries. One of my registered companies ICI Standard Media and Global Services, a Development, Entertainment and Mass media company also addresses a lot of priority issues in Africa. I was trained as a screenwriter, filmmaker, television and radio producer, poet and social entrepreneur and i have worked for Krisanctus Productions, a media organization; Agents of Communication and Development, a non-profit organization; Windville finance limited and Blueridge microfinance bank (Financial institutions). I was part of a close-knit team that wrote and produced a radio and television magazine programme on HIV/AIDS prevention and control basically for the youths of Kogi and Cross river States respectively. I have also done several mind-boggling works for some reputable organizations which includes a radio drama series titled SPECIAL CENTRE; a Television drama series FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN. In 2020, i conceived of a sustainable business idea Odoahia which is geared towards providing digital solutions to the inclusive economic growth and social development barriers in Sub-Sahara Africa at large. Africa is the poorest continent on earth so it's a burning desire in me to lead change through effective policymaking. Having bagged a certificate of Achievement in policymaking issued by the British council on the 4th of April 2019, i would like to use evidence effectively and also collaborate, influence, and develop a policy action plan for the transformation of Africa.

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