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Youth Care

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Growing up for many youth is really tough. But the toughest phase in the life of these youths, especially female youths, is what I call the "transitory stage". Transitory Stage is that phase when a youth has completed the twelve years of basic education and struggling to advance in life, either by continuing formal education or acquire a skill to cater for self and family. With needed support not available, these youths find it difficult to move on in life. Some may even get stuck, or at least for a period of time. With the confusion, frustration and the need to survive at all cost, many then engage in different social vices - fraud of different types, criminality in diverse ways, prostitution at different levels, etc. While focusing on offering scholarship in Nursing, the vast majority will fit into our skill acquisition program (Fashion Design, Hair Dressing, Computer Hardware Repair, Photography, Web Design, etc that they can acquire in eighteen months, and be given seed money to open a small business.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Impact We have identified one of the most challenging phase in youth and are determined to help when there is no helper. Youth Care is paramount to safe and peaceful society. Any female youth properly directed on the right part in life, has saved a lineage, as she will become dependendable, respectable virtuous woman managing a home. 1. There will be reduced female involvement in prostitution and other forms of female engagement in social vices. 2. Increasing number of females becoming dependable, respectable virtuous women. 3. Increasing number of family circle that are conducive environment for upbringing of children. 4. Increasing number of stable family and in turn, stable communities. 5. Reduction in moral degradation. 6. Poverty reduction. 7. Hunger reduction. 8. Increasing number of families with good health as a result of good personal hygiene practiced at home because the wife and mother is a well trained nurse. 9. Increasing number of female entrepreneurs. 10. Reduction in gender inequality. 11. Self and community development.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Two out of the different ways to achieve this, 1. Partnering with Head of Secondary Schools in Nigeria to identify young girls age 15 to 20yrs, in the SSS arms that may not have the means to further their education in the university/colleges or acquire a profitable skill after their 12 years basic education. 2. Poor/Rural communities. Briefing the people in public places like market square in poor communities to enlighten them of the skills acquisition or nursing scholarship that is opened to the female youths within them, to quickly pattern the lives of these female youths, age 15 to 22, before their lives are wrecked by male predators who have the slogan "catch them young". Same method as number two above will be used for young mothers age 22 to 32 years, (especially single mothers). Those we assist in setting up a small business outlet today will be part of our young mentors who will join in training other female youths tomorrow in their respective careers, thereby reducing what we spend in enrolling each youth for skill acquisition.

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Your profile

A selfless personality always ready to impact to others, born in Benin, Nigeria, acquired basic education then diploma in Computer Hardware Repair Technician in 2001. From 2002 to 2007, I worked with NAFOWA Computer Institute as a Computer Instructor, helping personnels of the Nigeria Air Force Benin, to acquire skills in computer operations, in areas like MS Office, graphic design and internet, while also servicing computers of some personnels. In 2006 I worked as a part time volunteer with Society For The Empowerment Of Young Persons an NGO in Benin then, because of my passion in building up others. In 2007, I was part of the pioneers of NNPC Mega Station Calabar and as a computer literate, I was responsible for opening and closing the fuel station installed with computerized pumps. Currently I provide consultancy in ICT to organizations, private companies and individuals alike, particularly in computer hardware maintenance. My utmost desire is to own an online store like Jumia which will inturn power my "Youth Empowerment Program", grooming them to "independence".

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June 8, 2022 21:13

Nice but we must carefully execute it efficiently and effectively. It will help in keeping the youth more focused and productive. However it takes 20years to demoralizing a generation so we could also workout a plan for 20 years to achieve a sustainable and massive effect on the youths.

Efm Joshua

June 3, 2022 10:48

Great Ideas, could really work well if executed properly and efficiently... Personally I think being able to create channels for youths to express their creativity will go a long way to giving something they not only can do to have a better future but they can also do because they find happiness in it... This and a host of others will really play out well for the society

May 17, 2022 17:08

The more we focus on building the younger generations, the more we are rightly patterning tomorrow success in every aspect of our lives.
Please, find time to review my project and feel free to share your thoughts and comments, should there be any room for improvement. I will honestly appreciate it.

May God grant you success in your various endeavors.