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Production and marketing of rice in the Ségou region

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

The objective of the project is to provide the population of Ségou with quality rice at a lower cost in order to contribute to the food security of the country. The main activities are field production and rice marketing. We will apply the technological approach (Intensive Rice Cultivation System), which is an innovative agro-ecological technique, based on the reduction of inputs and the alternation of drought and humidity, to allow us to better adapt to climatic hazards while increasing yield and productivity at over 80%.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Rice, which is the basic consumption cereal of Ségou (project area), is in a situation where national production cannot cover all consumption needs, hence the consequent threat to food security. The targets are households, hotels, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers, more than 90% of the population. To facilitate access and availability of rice in the region of Ségou, our strategy is based on the production in large quantities, the storage and the marketing of rice at a very affordable price, hence the principle of Dounkafa (food security ). The SRI approach is the solution to meet the growing demand of the population by its high rate of return and productivity at more than 80 %

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

The marketing strategy will initially be based on an undifferentiated strategy, which will allow us to make ourselves known to a very large number of customers through the partnership with local merchants, we will use the short circuit (B to B). Funding sources are the promoter's own funds, which can only cover the seed fund and need other sources of funding to cover the total cost of the project. The various collaborators form a dynamic and experienced team in rice production and is composed as follows: under the direction of the promoter who holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering, has a few years of experience in farming and a local team experienced in the exploitation of fields and who will have the following tasks: Carry out field cultivation operations (plowing, sowing, spreading, harvesting, etc.); Use and maintain agricultural machinery and Participate in activities related to the farm (packaging and sale of products in markets or on the farm).

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Your profile

My name is Fatoumata DIABY, born on 15/11/1993 in Sokondo, Mali and holder of a degree in Agricultural Engineering. I apply for the young category. I have always been sensitive to the problems encountered today in the rural world, sudden natural disasters, climate change, famine and with the desire to contribute to food security, aware that we must make a transition towards systems that are more productive, innovative and resilient to shocks and long-term climate variability hence the business idea "Young Agro-Innovators of Mali (JAIM)". To do this, the promoter (me) intends to acquire land on agricultural lease with an area of 4 hectares, to produce rice by applying resilient, innovative and productive agricultural practices in order to contribute to food security. I managed to create the company in 2021, its vision is to promote innovative techniques to increase agricultural productivity. In terms of achievement, the company has had to: - Experiment with the intensive rice-growing system with deep placement of urea, according to the results obtained, an increase in productivity has been observed to around 80% yield - Experimenting with the ACN technique (Curve Development) which increased crop yield to 60%.

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