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Promotion of access to solar tent fish dryers

Stage of Idea idea offered for implementation by others

Explain your idea in details:

Main objectives: To promote access to solar tent fish dryers among local fish traders. To engage with rural women in selling high quality fish products and increase access to supermarkets due to value addition. e.g. packaging and certification. To lobby the communities to adopt solar tent fish dryers and other energy efficient technologies to control deforestation. As an enterprise some of the activities have already started like having a discussions with the chairman of the fish ground where would like to start our operations. Outstanding activities include ,Renting of land where we would like to construct our solar tents. During the feasibility study the approach was having one on one interview and focus discussions with the local fish traders about the initiative of bringing solar tent fish dryers. 100% of the fish traders are willing to adopt the solar tent fish dryers and they agreed to form the groups through which they have financial muscle to be able to higher these dryers on monthly basis at an affordable Price.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Since we are an inclusive enterprise the targets include both for us and the local fish traders. The targets include enabling more that's 500 local fish traders having access to solar tent fish traders and atleast supporting 20 fish traders especially women who mostly face challenges to have access to supermarkets. Our targets as a business of supplying certified packaged solar tent dried fish, we want to sell these fish products to formal lucrative markets and be able to generate a revenue of not less than 800,000 in a month when we start our operations. The targets also include reducing the costs on firewood among the local fish traders. To measure the success, since we have the research team, we will collect data on on the amount of fish traders who are adopting solar tent fish traders. The number of fish traders who will be linked to supermarkets. Our success will also be measured in the income that will be generated annually.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

The business model is eco-inclusive in nature whereby it will address social, economic and environmental challenges in the local communities that are into fish trading. Solar tent fish dryers will be constructed for us to preserve and sell packaged solar tent dried fish to formal lucrative markets. Since we will be located in the local communities the local fish traders will have access to hire these dryers to solve the problem of high post harvest losses they encounter during rainfall season which is the peak period of fishing. This idea due to high quality products is there to maximize the economic gains and control deforestation. We have created partnership with Flame tree initiative that is an international organization that technically provide expertise in business model development and linking us to personnel in the field of aquaculture . We have not yet been funded but currently we are applying for grants to potential investors.

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I am Lusekelo Mwandosya, aged 25 years old. I am a graduate of Nutrition and Food Science. I am someone who is a self starter and very enthusiastic about coming up with sustainable solutions to problems encountered by marginalized people. After graduating this year I was researching about problems encountered in the fishing industry and I came across high fish post harvest losses and pressure on forest resources. Bringing solutions and being a solution is what motivates me. Have the ability to link and connect ideas helped to be included in the 2021 seed starter program by IUCN and UNEP. I was awarded a certificate of recognition for completing seed starter program which helps young enterprenuer develop an eco-inclusive Business.

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