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FEMA(Female Entrepreneurship and M'powerment Assist)

Stage of Idea conceptual stage, planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

FEMA is an innovative organisation works within business,entrepreneurship and empowerment program. As name suggests FEMA is an empowering idea for Female Entrepreneurship and M'powerment Assist;Where the 'M' refers to the 'n' number of Modes in empowerment. At the startup stage the 'M' from M'Powerment works for, Mode of Financial Freedom, Mode of Physical and Mental health, Mode of Employment, Mode of Safety and Security. And in each stage of the business 'M' increases;For example, Mode of Technology, Mode of Education, Mode of Leadership so on. FEMA can enter all the services regarding empowerment of every Female.To focus every field of empowerment FEMA made the M for M'Powerment approach. "M for every Mode of empowerment".

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

FEMA believes that the organisation can assist many startup's or projects in next valuable ten years around the world. FEMA solve the problems facing Female professionals regarding gender inequality. *FEMA is a safety workplace for all Female employers(100% of employers are Female).*FEMA is also a safety place to buy products for Female. *And FEMA's 100% of services and leaders are Female professionals. Means Female gets supported by Female itself or we can say "For Female,From Female!". Also FEMA can leads to a global partnerships and cooperation. Every countries Female professionals gets assisted by FEMA's M'Powerment approach.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

At initial stage FEMA is making a market place only for Female;Where, 100% of the products is only for Female. 100% of the FEMA employers are Female. 100% of the services is for Female. How it works? The market is open in every possible cities around the world with govt and public support. Every citizen should be aware of the project in social,govt and public platforms. This will leads to a great buying and selling of products and services. And can make good profits. Although the 10% of Annual profit is belongs to FEMA organisation. Where the 10% of profit goes? FEMA Organisation conducts an Entrepreneurship/Startup programs Annually. Every Female citizens can submit their innovative ideas/projects in this program. And selected idea/projects get assisted by FEMA by making workshops,customer surveys,presentation and startups. And 10% of every FEMA assisted project/ideas profit is belongs to FEMA organistaion. Thus the organisation can make more Female Entrepreneurs in future and that's the vision of FEMA itself. FEMA For Future..

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Your profile

Myself Mohamed Arif,a young 24 year old professional having 1 year experience in production engineer. Experience doesnt matter. Im moving forward with my idea/innovation to achieve the global support and success. I proved that im a great leader in my academic background; I got selected continuosly two time as school representative/leader. And i also participated social activities like empowerment, health management(covid),awareness and endosulfan prevention camps. I got best student of the year award in 2016 for working in growth of sports and social activities in the school. That year I lead my school to register additional two sports(cricket and badminton) which previously dont have; and also our cricket team finished runners place in thier first participation at district sports meet. Also worked in social activities like CFC awareness,drug prevention and covid health management. Now im looking to make a global programme to improve women empowerment in all sectors including entrepreneurship and leadership to attain Sustainable Development Goals for future.

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September 15, 2022 08:43

This is a very nice initiative! I would advise that you also get students from early ages involved, by teaching them necessary skills required to strive in this competitive world as they grow up. Also, wouldn't it be nice if one of FEMA's objective is also to secure slots for female, perhaps in terms of work, admission or being given priority in application.