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Skills and Talents Discovery

Stage of Idea start-up stage

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SITADC objectives First objective; to train and educate youth on how to discover their hidden skills and talents. In this objective, we do conduct a training to educate youths on how to discover skills and talents. In the content of the training module, we are focused on educating youths how to self-discover themselves, how to discover their skills, talents and lastly, how to utilize they skills and talents in making a sustainable living or income. Second objective, to provide information on issues and challenges affecting people around the world such social, economy, sexual reproductive health, climate change, access to public and private offices, opportunities such as grants, jobs, scholarship, fellowships, labs etc. However, in this objective, we intend to inform people or our audience using images, audio and video contents in poetry, music, dance and drama that we will be creating and posting on our website and social media platforms for information to reach out to our targeted audience or people. Third and Final objective; to create a good marketing for product and services. We will be posting designed fashion materials, products and services from our trained youths and our team representatives on our website and social media platforms to attract more customers and to promote and easy to sell and hiring of our products and services.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We aim at changing the lives of youths in becoming financial stable and helping them to live a sustainable life. In a manner of getting trained and educating them on how to discover their hidden skills and talents, we aim at spotting out youths from the same trained youth to be part of the journey of SITADC Youth Group and build a chain in educating others or the upcoming generation in making sure that unemployed youths are able to make their own business and implement great strategies in making a sustainable income through their skills and talents. Being unemployed has brought many challenges and issues in which many youths have indulged themselves in a wrong patter of the world by engaging themselves in drugs and alcohol abuse, young girls and women as Sexual worker, young boys and men in bad influenced groups etc. Many youths possess skills and talents but lacks support from family, friends, society and the government too, therefore, SITADC Youth Group had come as an answer to unemployed youths and aim to reduce the risking behaviors happening among youths in the community we live in by training and educating them on how to discover and utilize their skills and talents to make a sustainable living. Henceforth, we want the economy of our country and the world at large to keep growing and developing, while we focus on expending youths in creating opportunities for other youths through their owned or formed business adventures.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Training and educating youths in targeted places is our on going planning, for we want more and more youths to discover their hidden skills and talents, and utilize them to make a sustainable living from generation to generation. With skills and talents discovered, promoting and providing of marketing for products and services youths will be providing after manufacturing from wasted materials to fashion designed materials or products in skills and services youths will be providing in talents to our targeted audience and services providers in our communities and other areas. We will create a rapport with business owners, organization, institutions, schools, colleges and universities, and other targeted customers, audiences and services providers. We will be hiring our trained team to provide offered services such as music featuring dancers, musicians, wedding's decorations and line-up dancers etc in events, weddings, occasions, programs etc to companies, organizations, businesses, health services, government and other targeted services providers.

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I am Moses Mwale from Zambia, I'm 24years old and am the first born in the family of four children, three boys and 1 girl. I am a founder of SITADC Youth Group and training Youths on discovering Skills and Talents. The SITADC Youth Group was implemented this year on 4th January, in Chimwemwe, Kitwe, Copperbelt Province, Zambia. Our programs started at Chimwemwe Clinic Youth Friendly Spaces and Later on continued taking place in Kawama Clinic Youth Friendly Space.

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Kadiri Saliu

June 8, 2022 09:04

Your idea is quite encouraging to change the perception and behaviours of our youths who indulged in moral decadence. I believe this initiative will help the youths to sharpen their talents and excel in the society.

Niza Nalomba

June 7, 2022 12:33

This is an incredible idea Moses, I like your idea in helping the youths to have something to help them in having a capacity building ideas that will help them in focusing on building their lives better in a sustainable manner. Keep pushing through until you reach your desired destination. I love your idea and wish to become one of the team in learning and applying more skills and Talents.


June 7, 2022 12:12

It's a brilliant idea which will make youths busy and focused on there talent and it's a way of earning a living through the skills without relaying on other's. With the program there will be reduction of teenage pregnancy and drug abuse, keep up the good work.


June 7, 2022 11:25

Wow I really love the idea of implementing a project and a journey with youth in discovering their talents and skills in helping them to have a sustainable living. Having such programs or project will really help youths not to indulge in activities such as drug abuse, sexuality or other things that may lead to having diseases and high death rate. I'm in support with such ideas and I wish all the best in your idea. Keep going and never give up.

Paula chansa

June 5, 2022 14:58

Talent is healing strength and peace so this is a good one am in with this it's not just about you or me but people who will feel free after showering your relents to bring smiles back on people's face and heart

June 2, 2022 14:10

Hello Moses, congratulations for your ideas and innovations. skills and talent discovery is very key in daily business. Keep it up. Lets support each other, I am in the adult category, vote for me and I will vote for you everyday. Count on me.

Jonathan phiri

June 1, 2022 14:19

I believe it's a good eniciative looking on an angel of most of SRH challenges we face like STIs , and teen pregnancies obviously results to illegal abortion which as a result of lack of money of which I believe giving them a platform were we young people can showcase and identify their talent of which can help them do one or two things away from sexual activities

May 16, 2022 11:40

Youth development is core to community and societal development. Any youth properly groomed and patterned, a lineage has been protected and saved.
I personally agree to youth empowerment, especially one that supports enterprise.