Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Easy Melody Concord

Stage of Idea planning stage

Explain your idea in details:

Easy Melody Concord is a music score creation and synchronization application that can recognize the real-time rhythm, match it with the exact song and synchronize the electronic piano score, violin opern and orchestra text intelligently. Our mission is to develop a range of simple, user-friendly, smart and sustainable melody synchronization products that help remove barriers in the music singing and playing, exempt the user from discerning distinct melody, identifying obscure lines, searching hazy scores and turning to the right page constantly. We strive to utilize the AI sound recognition and IoT techniques to incorporate smart and efficient interaction experience among players and singers. The company promotes the values of green innovation, human-assistance, leisure enhancement, real-time, easy-access, and optimal user experience. Current emphasis of the company persists in the research and refinement of the range of smart sound recognition and synchronization products. The initial development vision is to embed dominant application malls and platforms, accumulate visits, downloads and streaming data in a bid to absorb massive benefited group and advance greater expanse scale. Easy Melody Concord is designed to redefine traditional music player platforms and benefit the user to learn and transmit songs and lyrics more easily and accurately. The product would incorporate more real-time and intelligent functions to make it more humane and sustainable. The open source module would allow the amateur composers and lyric writers to create new songs altogether and provide a promotion platform to develop their talents and spread the rudiment work. The range of real-time, dynamic and smart model of score or opern is projected to instantly take hold of the core music-radiated industry. The initial development scheme would be incline to digital application malls and platforms, accumulate visits, downloads and streaming data in a bid to reach the majority of benefited group.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The project would help accomplish the sustainable development goal (SDG) 10 Reduced Inequalities. The project is planned to take advantage of smart techniques and solutions to innovate modern music gadget, build dynamic and friendly user experience, remove any possible barriers, lower the threshold and broaden the localization domain so as to allow average citizens, including the illiterate, the disabled, the minority group and the senior to enjoy universal pleasure and inspiration instilled from classic music and lyrics. Our product utilizes the AI sound recognition techniques to instantly match the cloud scores with the real-time rhythm and synchronize the advances with the singers or players, particularly the ones who have physical difficulty to read or recall the rhythm and lines. Meanwhile the user is allowed to log the real-time records of the user requested for improvement of both the user and our product. compared with paper scores, our smart phone and ipad based application bears portable, sustainable and environmental merits. The smart music escort could intelligently match the correct song and synchronize the scores following the users melody steps. The product would record the users playing and singing for playback and highlight the errors and problem as feedback. Easy Melody Concord would upgrade product and service qualities in light of the use data collected by IoT sensors and launch new accessories based on the algorithm analysis of different users use habits and characteristics, in the meantime providing reference to for the business related to our products, such as earphones.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Silicon Valley would definitely be the most ideal location to launch the product, meanwhile to save the cost and purse long-term yielding, I prefer to begin from an e-commerce business model as the network effect would lead our product to every corner of the world. In the long-run I plan to build my own digital platform and industrial chain to connect the range of products our R&D team would launch. The promotion budget is projected to hold up to 50% of the total expenditure when the product is firstly launched into market. After long-terming contracting sales with the music platforms grow steady, the promotion budget would cut down pro rata. The product and service marketing channels include: leverage network effect to have the product idea and goals keep massive and sustainable exposure to the public; update questionnaires, analytic reports and videos to promote the product features; broaden download recommendations and programs; build up long-term cooperation with music studio, audio players, media platforms. The pricing of the product is based on the commission ratio of the contract sales with the third party. According to the visits and registration amounts, We would prescribe a commission settlement model. The third parties would embrace digital music players, social medias, video air and digital shopping platforms and new researches and developments of start-ups. The overhead of digital business model will exempt substantial expense in hardware and infrastructure. The network payback requires constant fund commitment in the early period. Extensive cooperation and partnership with different business and industries will shape a broad network of connections with investors and VC. If the yields of the company cannot keep growing exponentially after an array of tides of network effect ebb, the company would be submerged soon into the explosive and obsolete data.

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Your profile

I am Zekai Xu, a teenager passionate on classical music and good at playing the piano. I realize to work out the dynamics and trend of the music industry, it is essential to accept the idea that the music industry is not limited to one entity, but the complex of a series of different and related areas of industries. The overall music industry depends on the creation and exploitation of music-based intellectual properties. Composers and songwriters create songs, lyrics, and associated arrangements that are then performed live on stage, recorded and distributed to consumers, or licensed for some other kind of use, for instance sheet music or as background music for other media (advertising, television, etc.). After related study and survey, I found that the digital music player is gradually taking place of paper scores, given its evident benefits in the respect of portable, environmental, sustainable and practical features, free from loss or disrepair. Open source music players allow you access and play locally stored music or in some cases from the cloud too. In some music players, you can also listen to online radio stations and podcasts. Using these audio players, the user can not only play music but also organize your music collection. Its no wonder that varied music players like MusicBee, AIMP and MediaMonkey have become indispensable escort of every modern citizen especially in the remote world nowadays that relies on smart phones and computers to keep connection and fend off outwards distraction and worries. Indeed, high-quality music transmitter shelters the player, the singer and the listener in a secure, tranquil and sensible mind set. Our smart and real-time product is definitely playing the role to redefine the quality and sustainability of music players.

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