Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

IOT monitored waste to clean cooking energy

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

our green project converts kitchen and agricultural waste into cooking gas differently from traditional biogas because there is no need to have a cow in order to own this system since it doesnt depend on cow dung, it is easier and cheap to own, setup and use. We want to hit the huge market of non-consumption who have different barriers limiting to access existing clean cooking, to make this possible we are developing domestic digesters for households to turn their waste into gas but also to make it more affordable for everyone want to introduce community based digester where we will be collecting wastes in a particular community and transform those low value in puts into high value clean cooking gas with the help of our high capacity digesters, this will enable us reach the rural areas and remote areas with low cost cooking gas available in wide range of packages ensuring it is affordable to low income earners. collecting biodegradable wastes, transforming it into gas, packaging the gas and selling to people in need are our main activities, we will provide many jobs to many local communities and people can benefit another mean of earning money by bringing their wastes at our community based, currently we have been able to make locally made compact digester for households that we are testing its sustainability and efficiency. We expect to make a community benefits to many people by helping them to lower their cooking energy bill, save lives of people that die due to respiratory diseases caused by insufficient cooking methods, and the environmental benefits of reducing deforestation, lowering greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane gas and save spaces of landfills.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

There is an environmental impact of our solution which is saving country's forest cover and decarbonizing our economy by lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions via providing an alternative source of cooking energy to biomass-based cooking, and also by avoiding dumping of organic wastes in landfills we are reducing a stronger greenhouse gas generated from decomposition of organic those matters called methane gas, hence contribute to regreening environment and reduce climate instability that hinders our agriculture. There is also a community impact of our green initiative of creating jobs for other youth hence reduce unemployment, lowering indoor air pollution as to save lives of people who die from respiratory diseases from indoor air pollution generated by inefficient cooking methods like firewood and charcoal, in addition, it helps owners to save money by lowering cooking energy monthly bill via access to affordable clean, safe and sustainable cooking energy as well as enjoying a healthier environment.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

the business model for our project is that we will be collecting organic waste from the community and turn it into cooking fuel with the help of our digesters make money by selling cooking in affordable packages will also make money by selling domestic digesters for households who can afford to produce their own gas at home. and again we are going to make money from grants and funding from different partners. right now we are developing our Prototype with our own money and the next will be Acquiring funds from government green project funds and other partners, we also look to work with different organizations to implement our solution to large scale.

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Your profile

I am the mission driven and disciplined person with innovation and technology as my transformational weapon in my community I have a passion of using my knowledge, skills and experience in my field of study to transform my community via providing technical solutions to the most pressing challenges. I am 25 Years old from Rwanda and I did electrical and electronics engineering at university, I have been an innovator for more than 5 years and I worked on different project and startups including my own I am motivated by my passion desire to be an entrepreneur and build a billion dollar company that is based on effectively solving a pressing challenge in my community to end the pain of people facing that challenge, as a highly experienced candidate in the field of electromechanical, I have experience in electrical and mechanical systems for 3 years I have been involved in the production, operation and reparations of electromechanical systems that grew my familiarization with different hand tools and machine tools including generators, motors, power drills, CNC machines conventional machine, design software (CAD/CAM) and related skills. As a highly dedicated and educated innovator I have been engaged in different projects and programs that provided me with competent skills that made me won Rwanda innovation challenge (RIC) 2019, organized by National council for science and technology (NCST). I also hold a certificate of recognition from National industry and research development agency (NIRDA) as an industrial system innovator. Won Ignite innovation lab202 Organized by Inspire Africa for global impact initiatives, I won TVET Youth challenge 2021organized by Ministry of youth and culture and Rwanda polytechnics and worked with different industrial projects.

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Anastase Hatangimana

July 26, 2022 12:26

what an awesome idea, every hone deserve to have this. clean fuel, smart kitchen, smart people, healthy climate. surely here is the best way to go, affability and accessibility, easy and fast to install.

Jeanntte Kmpundu

July 26, 2022 08:44

what an awesome solution, we are tired of the stress of traditional cooking and the high prices of other cooking fuel, this solution is the only best way to go saving daily cooking bills and saving environment simultaneously.