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Exportation of agricultural product from west Africa

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

EXPORTATION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS OR BY-PRODUCTS OR WASTE FROM WEST AFRICA. Shea butter, Hibiscus flower, Bitter kola, and other agricultural waste or products like Cashew nuts shell, palm kernel shell, Cocoa pod, etc. Which can add economic value to African continents if well packaged and exported to the western world are laying waste. This will not only boost our economy but also contribute to our per capita income We began this journey in January 2020, unfortunately, covid 19 hindered us to some extent. By June 2020, we got the company incorporated. Thereafter, we obtained an export license. All these products are readily available and are needed abroad. So, sourcing is neither the problem nor the buyers The major problem is finance The packaging, documentation procedure, and transportation require some financial strength. We are working with local producers and buyers abroad on how to effectively package our commodities so that they can be accepted abroad

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This will not only increase our per capita income but also create employment for our unemploy youth Both skill and unskill labor will be needed in packaging and sourcing the product. Logistics companies are also needed. There would be the availability of forex to strengthen our economy. thereby improving the standard of living of the citizens

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

We shall be shipping from every seaport in west African countries with exception of some goods that are more abundant in a particular country than the other which shall be shipped from the country that has it in abundance. we shall work hand in hand with indigenes of every nation involved in collaboration with small-scale and large-scale farmers and processing houses However, in cognizance to free trade agreements in west African countries, the African union's inclusive. movement of goods across borders will not be a problem. The only source of finance for now is personal savings

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My name is Olumide James AKinsanya born in 1985 I am a Nigerian born into a family of eight. I attended my primary, secondary, and university education in Ogun state Nigeria Award : Bsc. Hornor in accounting from Olabisi Onabanjo University Artificial intelligence in marketing from Virginia university

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