Best Ideas 2022 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Smart Tyre Solutions to Traffic Monitor and Management

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

The project aims to drive the idea of intelligent vehicle and smart life to reshape the vehicle tyre and have it sensitively accommodated to the surrounding transport system and build integral and dynamic bonding with the peer motor vehicles. The project plans to take advantage of IoT edges and 3D digital model to design a range of precise Tyres upon the reforms in the regards shape, material to functional performance, warning, response, and security systems. Meta Intelligent Tyre, a smart Tyre inset with sensors and connected with an intelligentcloud, is intended to enable the traditional vehicle travel to deliver greater safety, increased fuel efficiency, and longer tyre life. Meta Intelligent Tyre is an internet-connected Tyre, inset a circular tray inclusive of a sensor, a processor and electronic traffic devices to collect real-time and original data regarding Tyre type, kilometer measurement and dynamic loading status, detect underlying risk on the road like seeper, Tyre traction, pressure and gravity to keep steady. The real-time data would help reform the auxiliary system of motor vehicle control and driving in order to enormously elevate security, travelling comfort, and functional performance. In the meantime, the Meta Intelligent Tyre delivers the real-time information to other motor vehicles and basic infrastructure. A head software platform is designed to supervise the sensing and response procedure, and ensure timely updates of the online and real-time dynamics of the data and information regarding the Tyre performance including Tyre temperature, Tyre pressure, driving trajectory, traffic conditions, loading, bear, and traction. These would be transmitted to the internet of Tyre system, to fulfill the information share and integration of motor Tyre, motor vehicle, logistical motorcade, Tyre enterprise, and R&D institutes.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The project will help foster the sustainable development Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. The project is meant to coordinate with the technical elements related to the internet of vehicles, to achieve automatic warning and ensure greater safety, increased fuel efficiency, and longer tyre life. The platform would work to lower the use cost and oil wear of the large and medium motorcade and logistical companies; meanwhile, owing to big data analysis, the project will work to achieve large-scale manufacturing of the smart Tyre. In essence, the service and lifespan of the smart Tyre will extend, and the security performance of the vehicles body will be enhanced. The material option advocates for low cost, environmentally-cognizant material, high scalability and compatibility, easy to upgrade to replace traditional traffic management system; the smart and real-time detection system allows to improve road circumstance and traffic security immensely, capable of timely diagnosing the Tyre bear, loading condition, inflation status and the temperature, precisely forecasting risk scale and prepare the response solutions in advance and sending warning to the peer vehicles to bypass congestion and accident. The idea of Internet of Tyres will help boost the IoT degree in the promotion process of smart city. The smart cloud would collect and analyze integral data from Tyre performances, traffic condition, intimate interaction procedure with the road by integrating the real-time information gathered from the Tyre with the smart cloud algorithm to help adjust and respond timely to optimize vehicle performance and security. Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) is an improved environmental material that integrates function parameters between rubber and plastics.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

In recent decades, the surge of private motor vehicles has congested urban areas which have given rise to the research and development of the traffic monitoring system and tools. The project would drive the circumstance opportunities to push the advancement of urban resilience and community sustainability - Every industry is seeking the suited digital model breakthrough; the Internet of Things has been widespread in the smart home and medical care domains; the increasing tolls from tyre-related accidents pushed people to switch more resilient materials and high-quality tyres; the idea of Internet of Tyres has been gradually adopted by big tyre manufacturers. In the mean time, we would heed the threats from the traditional Tyre industry who may impose barriers in snatching market share and high technology-based Tyre may be denied by average citizens at the first-launch cycle. The project target at every citizen and community that intends to enjoy the benefits of the incorporation between intelligent vehicles and IoT techniques, the people that concerned with the development of smart life, and the businesses that trace the deviation of intelligent vehicles, and engage in the extension of the smart cloud. The marketing plans include: Build cooperation with 4S auto malls, motor vehicle agents, logistical motorcade, Tyre enterprise and R&D institutes. Host online and offline trade fair to promote the special benefits and unique features of our products. Organize experience events and discount promotion to spread the brand. Conduct investigation and questionnaire to disseminate 3D digital products. Design a digital promotion plan and live-stream to extend the scale of exposure. Growing subsidy and market demand will foster increasing interest from investment sources. Despite long service cycles and precise techniques may repose difficulties to the post-sales maintenance, green travel and low-carbon life has propelled the digital shift around all industries.

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Your profile

I am Jiale Zheng, a Grade 11 student at Damien High School. I have been interested in the development of intelligent vehicle. According to my survey, a drastic race is under way to develop smart tyres that depend on IoT connectivity to deliver greater safety, increased fuel efficiency, and longer tyre life. A worn or under inflated tyre on a moving vehicle is a hazard. Multiple accidents can be attributed to tyre-related problems. For example, in 2016, tyre-related incidents on British roads led to eight fatalities and 120 serious injuries, according to Highways England, a government-owned company in charge of maintaining and improving the countrys motorways and A roads. Government figures indicate that one out of twelveof our of 12 tyres, on heavy goods vehicles, is dangerously under inflated, with the number standing at one in eight for cars. As Stuart Lovatt, Highways Englands road safety lead, observed at the close of last years Tyre Safety Month held each October, This can lead to everything from frustrating congestion caused by breakdowns to catastrophic collisions and tragic loss of life. In short, tyres need automation get connected and smarter., but Tthe good news is that there is a great deal of researchwork underway in this area. Big-name tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, and Continental are all working on IoT-connected sensors and software platforms to measure and monitor tyre performance.

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